Memrise Review (2022) – Pros, Cons & Pricing


Memrise is the name of a language-learning app which is available on website platforms and mobile apps. It offers a lot of content for free. But what makes Memrise distinct is that it comes with the gamified flashcard format, which makes the learning process more fun and exciting. If you are not up to boring … Read more

Duolingo Review (2022) – Does It Really Work?


Have you heard about Duolingo before? If you are interested in learning new languages, there’s a chance that you have come across Duolingo. Duolingo is not a new thing on the internet. It has been popular amongst polyglots and common language learners. Does it work for you? What are the perks? Why should you choose … Read more

FluentU Review (2022) – Pros, Cons & Prices


FluentU has been raved in many online forums, blogs, and social networks. Some recommend it, but some won’t dare to say. How good is it? Can FluentU help you to learn the new language appropriately? Find the answer here. What is FluentU? FluentU is the name of a language-learning platform which provides language lessons in … Read more