3 Reasons You Should Learn to Speak German

I want to give you a little motivation this morning to keep you inspired to keep pushing in your language studies. A lot of times in the beginning we get super excited and think about all of the fun times we are going to be using a language and impressing people. But in between now and then there is a lot of work. And sometimes that work because overbearing and difficult and you miss a day. And then you miss another. I want to keep you from doing that. No matter how little you study a day, just study. Always remember consistency is the only way to learn a language.

So here to inspire you are some cool benefits at the end of the Deutsch learning rainbow!

1. You make more money over time. Now of course bilingual people are slated to make more money in the work place anyhow. But with German, did you know that you make more than any other language? I think it’s because of Germany’s strong standing in the world and the fact that they are known as a financial hub. But with any language you increase your annual income by 2%. For German it is 4%!

2. Stave off dementia. Did you know that people who speak another language and are at risk for Alzheimers can delay the onset of Alzheimers for as much as 5 years? Well, now you know. Even the consistent practice of learning another language delays it.  That is more than any drug out there that we currently have.

3. It is closer to English and one of the easier languages for English speakers to learn in spite of the pronunciation. There is no new alphabet to learn so that gives you an easier start right from the gate.  Yes, some of the words can be difficult to pronounce but a lot of the sentences to the English eye looks like you may just know what that means or you could guess.

Take this sentence for example: Ich habe keine Zeit.  Now, if you look at that you can easily deduce these words – I , have. So now, all you need to figure out is keine and Zeit.

Hopefully these helped keep you going today.  I know that I had some days where I just didn’t want to do anything. When that happened if I gave in it probably would have happened  again the next day and the next. And then I wouldn’t really be on the path to fluency anymore.  So do something, anything. Watch a German commercial and learn one new word. Or pick up a German book and find out how to say one new thing today. That’s it. Nothing more. And then tomorrow when you are feeling more motivated – you jump right back into your studies.