5 Super Effective Tips for Learning Spanish

Hola! You have embarked on a journey towards learning an exciting and interesting language, Spanish! Spanish is a language that is easier for many native English speakers to learn as many words are the same in both languages. However, what should a person do to learn Spanish in a timely and effective manner? There are several tips to help you learn Spanish, here are the top five.

1. Practice speaking out loud

This can be a daunting task for a new learner as you’re unsure of pronouncing your words correctly and you’re unsure of your sentence structure. First of all, relax. Any person new to a language will not be perfect and is expected to make mistakes. This is how someone learns in a new language! To be more comfortable, a new learner can take a class designed for beginners, either formal or informal. This is less pressure than going to a native Spanish-speaking country and feeling pressured. There are several websites to help you learn Spanish.

2. Join a website dedicated to learning Spanish

One website that is free is Duo Lingo. There you practice vocabulary, sentences, and speaking. Native Spanish speakers are doing the lessons to help with pronunciation and structure. The community can also help grade a person on different lessons. These websites allow someone to practice Spanish daily and to move up levels as well as review. There are also great rewards for doing well.

3. Find a partner and Immerse in the Language

There is no substitute for having a partner that can help you speak Spanish. Many native speakers are more than happy to help someone learn the language. There are also groups available on the Internet that meet to learn Spanish and even Spanish tutors. The main thing is for a person to speak as often as they can. Immersion does not mean that someone has to move or stay for long periods in a Spanish speaking country! However, it is a good idea to listen to Spanish television, radio and read Spanish books.

4. Read in Spanish

Speaking is only one part of learning Spanish, the second part is learning to write and read in the language. Reading books are helpful in gaining new vocabulary and grammar rules. Start by reading books that are already familiar in English (the plot is easy to understand) and that are short. A person should start by reading books just like they would when they were learning to read in English (ex Dr. Seuss).

5. Use flashcards/labeling

Using flashcards and practicing them daily is one of the more effective ways to learn new vocabulary. A person can label objects to help them learn by having the fist word be in Spanish (red) and the next in English (blue). After the word becomes ingrained, the English word can be removed.

Most of all be patient and keep trying! It can take anywhere from six months to two years to be able to communicate effectively in a language.