Be Different And Learn Bavarian German

Bavaria is the largest and oldest state in Germany. In lieu of its history and the heritage linked to the state, Bavaria is still closely linked with German and European culture. The language spoken in Bavaria is German, but its historical origin has still kept it as a special dialect that is spoken only in Bavaria. In fact several German dialects are spoken in Bavaria. In Upper and Lower Bavaria Bavarian is the main dialect.

You don’t have to learn Bavarian German if you are in Munich, because it is so cosmopolitan. Also, Southern Bavaria is a very important tourist region in Germany. But every Bavarian speaks only Bavarian German at home, and that is the language that you will hear when you are in Bavaria.

Speak! Bavarian

You can learn Bavarian German through a course for beginners called Speak! Bavarian. This course teaches you the basics of the Bavarian language. . It is specially designed for effective language learning. The software includes Bavarian grammar, Bavarian vocabulary and also a Bavarian dictionary containing thousands of words and phrases.

You can access the functions of the software just with a single click from the main screen. There is no need for an instruction manual. The software is very easy to use and can be used even by people who have limited computer skills.


When you learn Bavarian German, the Bavarian pronunciation is important, because it is different from the regular German pronunciation. You can listen to Bavarian sentences in authentic situations and the quality is very clear. In the program you will see the word written on the screen and then hear it. When there is a waveform on the screen, it indicates that you have to repeat what you have just heard. Your voice is recorded and you can then compare your voice to check how good and correct your pronunciation is. This feature is possible by using voice recognition.


In each lesson there is a grammar explanation which is very clear and helps you to understand the material for the lesson. There is an abundance of grammar exercises and vocabulary exercises to help you to learn Bavarian German. In each lesson it is possible to call the Bavarian Dictionary if you are looking for the meaning of a word.