Busuu Review: Details, Pricing, & Features (2020)

Precisely What Is Busuu?

Offering an user base of more than 90 million, Busuu is actually a top quality app in the digital language-learning marketplace. It had been released in 2008 and now continued to be a well known and comparatively inexpensive option for students learning English as a second language.


You will find 12 languages backed on the website, and practice options take place in the form of a selection of brief activities that comprise themed lessons.

One of the areas through which Busuu stands apart is its social functionality. End users can provide and obtain writing and pronunciation reviews through adding one another as friends.

How We Performed This Review ?

In making our Busuu review as extensive and honest as is possible, multi-lingual James and I both examined the resource individually before getting together up to share and evaluate our conclusions.

James: I had one earlier connection with the German language a few years back that was not very effective. Up to now, I find myself prefer Busuu because it has been interesting. Additionally, it appears to be great so far as learning the language should go.

William: My only earlier encounter in learning Chinese language was throughout Duolingo. I discovered it is difficult to get and maintained . I’m capable to find out if the Chinese language Busuu knowledge is any different and also to see if I can improve my fundamental Italian knowledge.

The last products of this collaborative method are this written analysis.

Quick Thoughts

Once more, the feelings James and I possess relating to this resource line up fairly close. Developing this opinion we both recently examined Babbel collectively, it had been likewise natural to pull plenty of evaluations between the two. They have a comparable design and price, yet you may still find lots of variations.

James awarded Busuu a rather more significant ranking than I did, and a part of that probably comes down to our language selections.

We will discuss this even more later on, but Busuu is absolutely not just suggested for Asian languages. My personal experience learning Chinese language with Busuu was annoying.

Asian frustrations away, James and I equally decided that the Busuu design is simple to use and interactive. Additionally, it offers a number of beneficial practice workout, touches on grammar details, and has now an awesome social feature.

The two of us would have loved to see grammar information which were more in-depth and to improve review possibilities for training grammar issues.

Furthermore , I thought that a few workout just were not that effective at educating the material – I discovered myself guessing on some queries and not learning from them.

Listed below are the individual rankings we developed:

James – 3.7/5 Stars

William – 3/5 Stars

Put together final ranking: 3.3/5 Stars

Preliminary Impressions

James and I both certainly experienced positive first impressions with the system. That Busuu user interface is user-friendly, obvious and straightforward to get around.

We especially like the way the modules are all organized. It is easy and simple on the sight. Additionally, it shows up, especially in the beginning, that the lessons stick to reasonable acceleration.

Almost everything seems great once you get into a lesson too. James pointed out that he felt like those activities were interactive enough to hold you from getting dulled or bored, and I also experienced similar emotions throughout my first class.

I’m not really beginning with zero level with Italian language, and so I elected to consider the placement check.

My personal experience with placement assessments in other resources is that they appear to err on the side of placing you at a level that is too low. Busuu do quite a realistic alternative; it in fact put me at a level which may have been a little too high. Luckily, it is simple to skip around and have any class anytime.


The Lessons page is where you gain access to all of the learning information on Busuu. Lessons stick to reasonable acceleration and they are arranged into different CEFR sections. One thing I especially like relating to this resource is how easy it is to see your improvement.

We mainly loved the lesson flow from one subject to a different and the progressive scaffolding of material, however it wasn’t ideal.

The way the materials in the Chinese course develops on itself was uncomfortable; I discovered it quite challenging to get through some lessons the very first time. I ended up blindly guessing during a lot of queries, and even once I received them right I was never displayed a translation.

Prior to this question, I had just been exposed to these types of words as characters. Furthermore , I hadn’t experienced enough experience of memorize them whatsoever. The capital letter and punctuation symbol helped me speculate the proper order, although I have no actual experience of the information.

This really is something which happened with Italian too. I’m better still at guessing word order in Italian language since I can usually determine word types whether or not I don’t know very well what they mean. A translation or photo that shows up after you answer to a problem might have been incredibly beneficial.

I’ll focus even more on the experiences James and I experienced with non-Asian languages because that’s exactly where Busuu is most effective.


Many lessons begin by presenting you to new vocabulary with a translation, audio recording, and a photo. Your main job is merely to memories these words.

That audio is good right here, and that’s an advantage. The example phrase and picture are wonderful touches on top of that. In certain modules, although, I discovered that there have been too many words and phrases for me to remember and was confused.

This really is an example of a simple matching training you’ll proceed through when you first become acquainted with the new information.

There exists a variety of these straightforward practices that aim at getting you confident with the language. You will encounter sentence puzzles ,fill-in-the-gap practices and unscramble-the-word , and then fundamental listening activities, to mention just a few.

The variety is usually wonderful, and as well , it maintains the lesson development from being too foreseeable. James and I both agree that this does indeed something to hold the courses from getting too tiresome.

One of the most popular exercises in the lessons is the simulated dialog practice.

Babbel provides some thing comparable, however the Busuu choice feels more sophisticated and realistic. In contrast to Babbel, this kind of discussion simulation does not end after each phrase. It takes on the entire way through, that makes it experience even more natural.

Although it’s wonderful that it feels more natural , Furthermore , I wished I had the option to pause the recording or to listen to a particular part.


Among the things Busuu provides that many other digital solutions don’t is actually a social aspect. In reality, it is frequently considered the Largest social networking for language learning.

With a number of users topping 90 million, this can just be the situation.

This really is among the program’s best main features, and it is readily available free of charge. Along with a free of charge account, you can provide opinions to other users discussions and to put your personal posts for feedback. However, to be able to make use of the social feedback aspect that comes at the finish of every lesson you need a paid membership .

That social aspect is wonderful, but considering it as a social network could be deceptive. The only method to get in touch with other users is throughout the feedback section of exercises or by providing feedback to your writing or audio content.

You aren’t in any other case capable to send out any one on one or private communications like you can with other social language applications like HelloTalk or Tandem.

My personal experience of the social aspect was almost completely amazing. I discovered it specifically useful for obtaining feedback on my Chinese language pronunciation. It seems just like a much better way to obtain pronunciation feedback than throughout speech recognition engineering, technological innovation.

I did also get a few feedback that wasn’t completely right, yet I suppose that is just an aspect of a feature such as this.

We Like

The layout is simple to work with and interesting

The conversation trainings are specifically effective

The social aspect is excellent

We Do Not Like

Translations aren’t presented to some practices.

The Chinese language training course is low-quality.

The grammar details and practice could possibly be enhanced.


Busuu is actually a digital language-learning application with more than 90 million registered users. That resource provides vocabulary and grammar through brief, self-paced study practices. Additionally, it has a social aspect which allows end users to get writing and pronunciation feedback from native speakers. It really is available on the website, iOS, and as well Google android.