Can I Learn Spanish Easily

“Can I learn Spanish easily” is really made up of two questions. One, questioning whether you can actually learn Spanish. Secondly, whether you can do so without too much effort.

Let’s have a go at answering both. Asking the first question may reflect some doubt in your own abilities, which may be founded in realities or not. You will need to start asking yourself some honest questions, such as: “why do I want to learn Spanish? ”


There are talented people with multiple degrees or even Ph.D’s who do not succeed in life because they really don’t believe in themselves. So having a talent for learning Spanish helps but if you would only be learning it because you would otherwise lose your job, and a boring one at that, you will not likely become a fluent Spanish speaker fast. Nor would you enjoy it!

But if you want to learn Spanish now because you are travelling overseas to marry your Spanish speaking fiance then your motivation would be high. And you would find you can answer the question can I learn Spanish in the positive.

So get that motivation sorted out first.

So how were you at school? We are reasonably good at learning? Did you enjoy languages, even your own? Clearly you will be at an advantage if you can answer these questions positively that even if you cannot do does not mean that you cannot learn Spanish now. Again, it goes back to your motivation.

Can I learn Spanish? Most people will be able to learn some Spanish. Just look at the entire range of abilities among 400 million Spanish speakers everywhere. Although they picked this up in day-to-day interactions with other Spanish speaking people since they were born, they did do so. So can you!

If you are motivated you can learn Spanish and it will be more easy than if you are not motivated. There are various options for learning Spanish which take a lot of the hard slog out of.

Of course is all you need is a phrase book to get by on your holidays in Spain or Mexico then just by yourself one. But even if you did just that you will likely come back and want to learn more. Can I learn Spanish with Spanish online lessons? Spanish on the Internet? Yes, very likely you could. These days some Spanish courses bend over backwards to make learning Spanish easy including innovative ways to guide you through grammar, they may use games and active personal support. The cost of such programs is often ridiculously low.

Another option might be more scary for you but perhaps much more exciting It is to do a Spanish immersion course in a Spanish speaking country. More expensive than the online option but even in as short a time as one week you will get a good taste of not only the language but also the Spanish culture. And you will probably make friends with whom you can practice Spanish from thereon.