Can You Really Learn Spanish In Your Car

Perhaps the question is should you learn Spanish in your car rather than “can you?” Yes, there are various audio Spanish lessons, either on CD, on audio tapes, or of course Spanish lessons online.

There are Spanish lesson courses are actually advertised as suitable for learning in your car. But think about that for a moment. Listening to the radio, or to a music CD while driving is one thing. Who doesn’t do this regularly? So why not learn Spanish in your car?

No, I am not sure that driving while listening to a Spanish lesson in your car is safety problem. After all people listen to various radio programs, talkback and opinion which can get you pretty involved in its content. So why not for Spanish audio lessons? Perhaps the answer depends a little bit on how you best learn.

Ways of learning Spanish

Some people learn best visually, such as reading or viewing video. Others learn best by doing. And yet others learn best through listening. In truth it is a bit of an interactive combination for each one of us but one learning mode is often dominant.

Now, while no one would recommend watching a video on learning Spanish, or taking notes, while driving, you can very likely safely drive, listen and learn Spanish in your car.

Has driving really become become second nature to so many of us, where most required driving actions are so much imprinted in our brain that we can leave the unconscious to run it? Maybe so. If you do not have a radio or music CD playing in your car what happens? Your thoughts, your internal dialogue, carries on anyway. Doesn’t it?

At the same time no one should exclusively rely on learning Spanish while driving because of One essential ingredient to all learning: focus. Whereas you may absorb some Spanish while driving your attention is divided, whether you think so or not. To learn Spanish in your car will probably help if, and only if, you have a regular Spanish study schedule and you set time aside when you will not be interrupted.

And, after all, what is the best place to learn Spanish without interruptions? YES! Your car…

So, by all means play your Spanish language CDs in your car, but don’t rely on your driving time only for learning the language, and drive safely.

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