Chinese Language Classes

Learning Chinese as a foreign language has recently drawn much attention from both the Eastern and Western hemisphere. Many people demand Chinese language classes, so many Chinese language schools offer a wide range of Chinese courses to people. Due to the unique linguistic characteristics of the Chinese language, its acquisition it is difficult on some occasions … Read more

How to Choose a Chinese School

Most Asian languages are complicated to learn because the students will have to start from scratch. Meaning, if you want to speak and write Chinese, you will have to forget the grammar rules of your own language, and start to write and speak as if you didn’t know anything. That’s why it is so important … Read more

How to Choose a Chinese Destination

How to choose a destination will depend about what you want to find, get or know in China. Each person has her/his own reasons to travel to China. Many people arrive to China annually. It is important you have the correct motivation to come to China and choose the proper destination. China has several wonderful cities, … Read more

Chinese Language for Business

While many people may want to learn the Chinese language for business reasons, learning it will also convey something of what Chinese culture is about. In the Chinese language, everything must have a balance of yin and yang, female and male. There are no prefixes or suffixes, so everything is thought of in the present, and it … Read more

The Chinese Mind

The Asian continent is a wonderful and interesting territory because of its wonderful features that attract thousands of western people each year. The map of Asia includes several powerful countries with a huge cultural and historical heritage. As an example we can mention Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Indonesia. Each country is completely different from each … Read more

Why Learn Chinese Language

The most obvious answer would be the growing economy of the People’s Republic of China and the myriad opportunities that will open for you economically speaking when you learn it. But learning Chinese will in fact let you access one of the oldest cultures in the world, grant you access to one fifth of world’s population and … Read more

Chinese Literature

The Chinese literature is a good example of ancient human wisdom because it was written in one single language without any alterations or changes. In fact, China is the only nation that has been having the same writing system for almost 3,000 years. The singular characters, graphics and signs that they employ in its writing make a … Read more