Chinese Language Statistics

If you want to learn more about Chinese language, you should know some important facts. For example, many researchers believe that Chinese is the oldest language of the world, and is part of the Sino Tibetan language family. However it is not related to Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai. It is quite tricky but Chinese … Read more

Chinese Language History

In this section you will learn more about Chinese language. For example, Chinese uses a logographic system in its writing which represents words or phrases. These characters can represent things, sounds or abstract concepts. Even though China has many spoken languages due to it is large country, most of them use the same writing system. … Read more

Chinese Writing

The origin of Chinese writing can be traced back to ancient China with a history of at least four thousand years. Chinese is not a phonetic language. Pronunciation is not closely related to the way how Chinese words (characters) are written. Originally Chinese way of writhing is related with painting; that’s why Chinese writing and … Read more

How to Speak Chinese Fluently

If you feel like learning Chinese Mandarin, let your heart feel and embrace it. Mostly people don’t speak to each other because the language is superior but because of the business advantages associated with the language. For you to become fluent in Chinese, first of all understand what is meant by being fluent. To be … Read more