Using the Internet to Learn English

Are you struggling to learn English and can’t find any way to make it any easier? One way to increase your English skills is by taking advantage of the resources available to you on the Internet. Are you worried that this will be too expensive? It’s not! There are many Web-based English learning programs which … Read more

Is Your Child Learning English?

Maybe you’ve been trying to learn English and have begun to realize just how hard it is.  You should not give up!  However, even if you do, remember that your children need to learn the language.  And you’ll be happy to know that, even though learning English might seem impossible for your, your children will probably find … Read more

English Vocabulary Made Fun

The most important words in any language are the nouns.  This is as true of English as any other language.  Without nouns, you can’t really tell a story.  After you learn nouns, English will really start to make more sense.  Other words such as adjectives will only come naturally after you’ve mastered nouns. So how … Read more

Online Games That Help You Learn English

Learning English can be boring, scary, challenging or fun. If you had your way, which would you want it to be? Fun – of course! But even though it is boring, scary, challenging at times – it can also be fun if you make it that way by playing games online that will also improve your … Read more

Podcasts Can Teach You English

Do you like to sing but don’t know the words in English? Are you afraid to speak because you aren’t sure about your English? If you answered yes to these questions, then you can benefit from an interesting and unique way to learn English – by learning to sing songs in English! Many people like … Read more

Types of Exercises to Learn to Read English

Many times ESL students learn to speak English but continue to have trouble reading English even after they become quite fluent in the language. Keeping your reading skills on a par with your spoken English is essential if you are to succeed in business and if you develop good habits early on – like reading … Read more

The English Language

The English language is the native language for almost 400 million people, and at least double that number of people use English as a second language throughout the world. Today, most professional fields require a basic working knowledge of English, and it is the primary language used in communicating all over the world. In fact, … Read more