Tips on Preparing For the TOEFL

If you are an ESL student who wants to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL it is important for you to be prepared when you take the test. Like all tests it sounds scary but if you concentrate on learning you will do fine. Here are some easy guidelines to follow every … Read more

Finding a Good English Tutor

One of the best ways to improve your English skills is by working with a private tutor. Although learning in a class with many students also has its advantages, nothing beats having a person sitting beside you, listening to you speak the language and telling you when you get it wrong–and right. If you’ve decided … Read more

Why You Must Learn English

Did you know that right now, approximately 1 billion people are trying to learn to speak and write English? Maybe that doesn’t impress you. Maybe you still don’t think learning another language is something that interests you. Your family and most of your friends have survived without learning English. Why should you bother? In truth, … Read more

Using the Internet to Learn English

Are you struggling to learn English and can’t find any way to make it any easier? One way to increase your English skills is by taking advantage of the resources available to you on the Internet. Are you worried that this will be too expensive? It’s not! There are many Web-based English learning programs which … Read more

Is Your Child Learning English?

Maybe you’ve been trying to learn English and have begun to realize just how hard it is.  You should not give up!  However, even if you do, remember that your children need to learn the language.  And you’ll be happy to know that, even though learning English might seem impossible for your, your children will probably find … Read more

English Vocabulary Made Fun

The most important words in any language are the nouns.  This is as true of English as any other language.  Without nouns, you can’t really tell a story.  After you learn nouns, English will really start to make more sense.  Other words such as adjectives will only come naturally after you’ve mastered nouns. So how … Read more

Online Games That Help You Learn English

Learning English can be boring, scary, challenging or fun. If you had your way, which would you want it to be? Fun – of course! But even though it is boring, scary, challenging at times – it can also be fun if you make it that way by playing games online that will also improve your … Read more