Learn French in Europe with ESL-school summer camps

ESL schools are the partner schools of ESL which is a number one agency in the entire Europe for foreign language studies. One major reason for the popularity of these schools is their excellent location. All of these schools are present in the world famous destinations of the world, where we provide all language courses. … Read more

The Benefits of Foreign Language Education for Young Children

Many adults think that starting foreign language education with young children is pushing them too hard. Those who think that teaching foreign languages in elementary school is too aggressive don’t realize that early childhood is actually the best time to master language skills. While there are many subjects that young children are not equipped to … Read more

Difficulties In Learning French Language

According to the International Organisation of La Francophonie, the French language is spoken by about 250 million people worldwide. Many international business transactions rely on French as a common language, and being able to speak, read, and write French is a great asset in traveling. Thankfully, English speakers who want to learn French will find … Read more

The Importance of Learning French as a Second Language

Why learn a foreign language? The benefits of learning a second language are vast, ranging from the personal and the practical to the far-reaching goal of facilitating global understanding. Studying a foreign language allows us to step outside of our cultural bubble and see the world through a new lens. The very structure of a … Read more

Learning The French Language As an Adult

Do you want to speak a second, third, or fourth language? Acquiring a new language is the process of constructing your understanding of a new language for use in conversation. When you learn a new language, you get a rewarding experience that also makes your resume more favorable to employers. Foreign language skills also enrich … Read more

Top 10 French Podcasts for French Learners

French is known as a romantic language. That’s why it is not uncommon that many couples use French to seduce each other. French is also one of the official languages of the United Nations and is one of the most popular languages in the world, so there is no harm in learning this language. One … Read more