Common German Phrases

By now if you have been perusing my site you know that I think it is important to learn in sentences. No single vocabulary words here!  This is because unless we are toddlers we want to get something across. Now, of course in a moment of brain fart you can say Links! when you mean … Read more

Conversational German

The biggest fear that we all have is not being able to speak when the time comes. That’s understandable and that was my biggest hurdle when I first started learning. If you are just learning on your own and not really using any materials to help you improve your speaking I would recommend waiting until … Read more

How to Learn German Faster

I talk a lot about my learning method on here because it worked best for me and I truly believe that you can do exactly as I did so that you can get speaking and most importantly UNDERSTANDING German as quickly as possible. The Truth You are not going to master any language in three months. You … Read more

My Top 3 Learning Methods

STEP 1: AUDIO When that idea of learning a language pops in your head what is the first thing we all do? That’s right, go buy a book. This book will have grammar, example conversations, and the like. And for some people this is a good place to start. But when you think about how a … Read more

3 Reasons You Should Learn to Speak German

I want to give you a little motivation this morning to keep you inspired to keep pushing in your language studies. A lot of times in the beginning we get super excited and think about all of the fun times we are going to be using a language and impressing people. But in between now … Read more

How to Master German Pronunciation

The biggest hurdle that I hear from people trying to learn German is how to pronounce the words. That’s understandable. After all they have a lot of hard sounds that we are not used to in English.  I want to impress upon you how much LISTENING to German will impact your pronunciation. You cannot imitate … Read more

What Are The Benefits To Learning German Online?

f you’ve decided to learn German, you could go online to learn. There are many benefits to an online education, especially when it comes to foreign languages. Let’s explore these benefits, particularly as they pertain to learning German. Why Learn German Online? Have you ever taken a class and felt like you were drowning almost from … Read more

Kannst Du Deutsch? Learning To Speak German

We’re living in a global society, where everything is connected via the Internet, making the world so much smaller and one becomes increasingly aware of other people outside your zip code, people outside your culture and beliefs, people from other countries. While English serves its purpose, one becomes increasingly aware in terms of economic, business, … Read more

What Are Some Ways To Learn German For Free?

If you’ve decided that you want to learn German, but free is the price tag you can pay, what can you do? Doesn’t education cost? How can you learn German for free? Free Resources For Learning German If you can go onto the Internet, you can go to one of dozens of sites that offers free … Read more