Common German Phrases

By now if you have been perusing my site you know that I think it is important to learn in sentences. No single vocabulary words here!  This is because unless we are toddlers we want to get something across. Now, of course in a moment of brain fart you can say Links! when you mean … Read more

Conversational German

The biggest fear that we all have is not being able to speak when the time comes. That’s understandable and that was my biggest hurdle when I first started learning. If you are just learning on your own and not really using any materials to help you improve your speaking I would recommend waiting until … Read more

How to Learn German Faster

I talk a lot about my learning method on here because it worked best for me and I truly believe that you can do exactly as I did so that you can get speaking and most importantly UNDERSTANDING German as quickly as possible. The Truth You are not going to master any language in three months. You … Read more

My Top 3 Learning Methods

STEP 1: AUDIO When that idea of learning a language pops in your head what is the first thing we all do? That’s right, go buy a book. This book will have grammar, example conversations, and the like. And for some people this is a good place to start. But when you think about how a … Read more

3 Reasons You Should Learn to Speak German

I want to give you a little motivation this morning to keep you inspired to keep pushing in your language studies. A lot of times in the beginning we get super excited and think about all of the fun times we are going to be using a language and impressing people. But in between now … Read more

How to Master German Pronunciation

The biggest hurdle that I hear from people trying to learn German is how to pronounce the words. That’s understandable. After all they have a lot of hard sounds that we are not used to in English.  I want to impress upon you how much LISTENING to German will impact your pronunciation. You cannot imitate … Read more