Learn Chinese in China

China is the largest and most populous country that boasts of being one of the most ancient cultures in the world. You have probably heard at least couple of reasons as to why you should learn Chinese and the advantages that it brings; all of these are true. As any other language, the best place to … Read more

How to Choose a Chinese School

Most Asian languages are complicated to learn because the students will have to start from scratch. Meaning, if you want to speak and write Chinese, you will have to forget the grammar rules of your own language, and start to write and speak as if you didn’t know anything. That’s why it is so important … Read more

The Easy Way To Learn French

To learn French easily, it’s important that you have the right tools, the best information and enough focus to carry you through the learning process. Since language is the mainstay of human communication, it’s essential that you get as much French knowledge in the subconscious part of your brain as possible. Your aim as a French learner is … Read more

The Benefits Of Speaking French Fluently

There is a big difference between speaking French, and speaking French fluently. Many people can speak a little French, and are able to say some basic words and phrases, but is this really what you want? With a bit more effort and applied focus, it is possible to truly achieve fluency. Being fluent in French opens up … Read more

The Spanish Alphabet Explained

Spanish Alphabet The Spanish alphabet is the cornerstone of the Spanish language, and the good news is that it is quite easy for English speakers to learn. This is because the majority of the letters are same as English, and they have similar sounds. However, there are some important differences and it is important that … Read more

Spanish Sayings

Learning Spanish sayings is an excellent way to see the Spanish language in action. It helps you to learn new words and put the verb conjugations and other grammatical rules that you have learnt into practice. It is much easier to remember new vocabulary and understand grammar when you can see it in context, and sayings … Read more