How to Learn German Faster

I talk a lot about my learning method on here because it worked best for me and I truly believe that you can do exactly as I did so that you can get speaking and most importantly UNDERSTANDING German as quickly as possible. The Truth You are not going to master any language in three months. You … Read more

How to Learn a Language With Music

Music is a great method of learning languages. Learning a new language using pop music is very helpful if you enjoy listening to music. Songs with lyrics can help you learn words in your target language. Some people say that learning a language through music is impossible, but there are some ways to do it. … Read more

How to learn languages with music

The genre doesn’t matter. Whether you like classic rock, country music, or contemporary pop songs, music can be used as a medium in learning a new language on your own. But of course, you cannot just listen to a full album of K-POP or (Korean pop) and expect to learn the language. It doesn’t work … Read more

4 Tips For Learning Language Fast

There is no doubt in saying that learning a new language is one of the most difficult things, which take a lot of dedication and patience. However, most people that start learning a new language quit within the initial months of training. The main reason why most people fail is they don’t use effective and … Read more