Spanish Love Poems Add Spice

Learning Spanish love poems gives students the opportunity to discover how beautiful and enchanting the language can be. It also gives people an insight into the Spanish and Latin American cultures. These cultures have traditionally been very fiery and passionate, and this is reflected in the poems that have been written in Spanish to celebrate love and relationships. … Read more

Spanish Quotes

Learning Spanish quotes is another excellent way to improve your Spanish comprehension and vocabulary. It will give you an insight into the interesting history of Spanish and Latin American cultures, and the important people and events of these fascinating parts of the world. Another valuable aspect of reading quotes in Spanish is that it will show … Read more

Some Spanish Language History

There is more to this language than meets the eye at first. Spanish language history is as rich and colourful as is the language itself. All those feelings and emotions that you imagine when hearing Spanish: passion, hot food, conquistadors, art, religion, war. It is all there. Spanish is now spoken by around 400 million … Read more

Spanish Sayings

Learning Spanish sayings is an excellent way to see the Spanish language in action. It helps you to learn new words and put the verb conjugations and other grammatical rules that you have learnt into practice. It is much easier to remember new vocabulary and understand grammar when you can see it in context, and sayings … Read more

Learn Spanish Online With Confidence

Many people still do not have the confidence to learn Spanish online. Learning a language after all is firmly associated with ideas of a physical teacher in a classroom, students at their desks. Of course there are advantages to that sort of traditional learning, millions do it every day. But other options should not be … Read more

Learn To Speak Spanish With Ease

What images do you have when you see yourself learn to speak Spanish? Palm trees, white beaches, flamenco dancers, a better wage packet? Or just a great paella? You see, your motivation for learning anything is a crucial ingredient, and so it is with learning new languages. No-one can force you to learn anything but if … Read more

Spanish Phrases To Get You By

Learning a few basic Spanish phrases can be a very helpful way of making yourself understood while travelling in a Spanish speaking country or speaking with native Spanish speakers. If people can see that you are making an effort to learn their language and communicate with them, then they are much more likely to be patient … Read more