12 Resources to study Spanish online

Here is a short-list of some of the best resources you can use to study Spanish over the internet. We run our own Spanish school, and offer Spanish classes online with a subsidiary, but we have tried to be as objective as possible when compiling this list. It’s up to you to decide which type … Read more

How to Learn a Language With Music

Music is a great method of learning languages. Learning a new language using pop music is very helpful if you enjoy listening to music. Songs with lyrics can help you learn words in your target language. Some people say that learning a language through music is impossible, but there are some ways to do it. … Read more

5 Tips on How to Learn Languages for Free!

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can learn a new language online for free. There are many resources available to help you learn a new language. This article shows you how to use these resources effectively. Is It Possible to Learn Languages for Free? Yes, learning a new language … Read more

Top 10 French Podcasts for French Learners

French is known as a romantic language. That’s why it is not uncommon that many couples use French to seduce each other. French is also one of the official languages of the United Nations and is one of the most popular languages in the world, so there is no harm in learning this language. One … Read more

Top 10 Spanish Podcasts for Spanish Learners

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages worldwide, as a matter of fact, it is more commonly used than English. It has been around for more than 15 centuries, and trotted around the world along with great empires ruling people throughout our history. Today there are around 20 countries in which Spanish is used … Read more

Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish in Simple Steps

Learning Spanish can be tough. You have to relearn the words for almost every object, and you have to communicate with other people too. This requires listening, processing, thinking, and responding in an entirely new language. Fortunately it is not impossible to learn Spanish thanks to the amount of support and resources available. Here are … Read more

How to Learn Spanish Fast and Easy with 5 Helpful Hints

Learning Spanish in traditional way makes it like any other hard subject that we used to learn in school. But with the advent of technology and the Internet, the process of learning Spanish has changed dramatically. The dynamic and functional aspects of learning made learning Spanish easier. That is why in this article, you will … Read more

How to learn languages with music

The genre doesn’t matter. Whether you like classic rock, country music, or contemporary pop songs, music can be used as a medium in learning a new language on your own. But of course, you cannot just listen to a full album of K-POP or (Korean pop) and expect to learn the language. It doesn’t work … Read more

How To Learn French: French For Beginners

After many years of dreaming on how to speak French fluently, it’s now the right time to make your dream come true. You can learn French if you want to communicate with your friends or you want to speak French for business purposes. Like any other new language, a positive attitude towards every day is … Read more

How to Speak Chinese Fluently

If you feel like learning Chinese Mandarin, let your heart feel and embrace it. Mostly people don’t speak to each other because the language is superior but because of the business advantages associated with the language. For you to become fluent in Chinese, first of all understand what is meant by being fluent. To be … Read more