Common German Phrases

By now if you have been perusing my site you know that I think it is important to learn in sentences. No single vocabulary words here!  This is because unless we are toddlers we want to get something across. Now, of course in a moment of brain fart you can say Links! when you mean left and Germans will know what you mean. You won’t have to say a full sentence. And that is okay in the beginning, but our goal is to move towards full sentence. So you can go to any site and see the common, Hallo, wie gehts? and so on. So I wanted to give you some sentences that maybe are a little rarer but just as useful. You should practice reading these aloud while you are still going through your daily audio course. If you have trouble with word pronunciation you can easily put them in Forvo and hear natives speaking the words. Just listen and copy. You will get it soon enough.


Was geht ab?– What’s going on?
Alles fit? – Is everything ok?
Alles bestens! – Everything is great!
Gern geschehen – My pleasure
Ich habe keine Zeit – I don’t have any time
Sprich bitte langsamer – Please speak slower
Mach nichts – It doesn’t matter
Ich mag das nicht – I don’t like that
Ich würde gerne bezahlen – I would like to pay
Wo willst du hin? – Where are you going?
Kannst du mir den Weg beschreiben? – Can you tell me how to get there?
Es is sehr weit weg – It’s a long way away
Bitte warte auch mich. – Please wait for me

Advanced Sentence of the Day

You must do a little research on this one and find out the meaning of the words you don’t understand. I’m not going to give you the meaning of this sentences. And don’t look it up in translate either! You will only cheat yourself. Try to find another sentence using the word that you don’t understand. This is a helpful exercise because it grows your vocabulary, but within context.

Du musst mir ausführlich berichten, was passiert ist!

Practice Speaking

You should read these sentences and record them on your phone so that you can listen back to them. You can perfect your pronounciation that way. This is good practice while you are working on your audio course. These sorts of things will just compound on each other and you will soon have so much that you will be able to say.