Duolingo Review (2022) – Does It Really Work?

Have you heard about Duolingo before? If you are interested in learning new languages, there’s a chance that you have come across Duolingo. Duolingo is not a new thing on the internet. It has been popular amongst polyglots and common language learners. Does it work for you? What are the perks? Why should you choose this over other options? Find out the answer here.

What is Duolingo?


Duolingo is the name of the free language-learning app which is available for desktop and mobile.

Duolingo is more popular amongst the mobile phone users because of its robust and great app. However, both desktop and mobile versions of Duolingo offer the same services. So, it is cool to pick one of them.

Duolingo offers 90 different language courses in 20 different languages.

For the English instructions, Duolingo provides 36 different languages courses.

If you are up to gamified language lessons, you could choose Duolingo. The bit-sized lessons of Duolingo are the stars of the service. It is a great approach for those who have hectic schedules and want to learn the new language quickly with their short window of time.

Duolingo Quality of services

Duolingo has such a user-friendly interface. Its features are helpful for all the new members. Although this online learning world is new for you, it won’t take a long time until it becomes your second nature in using this app.

Duolingo aims to help the beginners to learn all of the basics. However, it is only relevant to literature. First takeaway to consider is that this platform offers limited grammar instruction. So, for more advanced grammar lessons, you won’t want to rely on this platform.

There is no speaking practice. That means you will need to interchange with other sources for learning the conversation.

The free content that they offer is plenty. But to some extent, you will need to combine Duolingo sources with the external resources to make your language learning more comprehensive.

There are 35 language courses with English instruction. You will easily find most popular language courses in Duolingo such as Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and so on.

The Prices

Duolingo offers free and paid membership. Having an account in Duolingo is completely free. And as a free user, you will be able to access all of the free resources provided by Duolingo. Of course, there are some features locked. You will need to upgrade your account to Duolingo Plus to unlock these additional features.

Here are the different prices of Duolingo Plus:

$9.99/month (paid monthly)
$7.99/month (six-month subscription)
$6.99/month (12-month subscription)

How Duolingo would teach you

It will be much easier to follow Duolingo lessons if you’ve ever joined a language class before. Well, it is not hard for all beginners to follow the lessons provided by Duolingo.

You can directly start as a beginner, or join with the placement test to figure out your current level.

The good news is that it will only take five minutes to finish the placement test. Your answers will determine the result of the placement test.

I personally took the test for Spanish. FYI, I was a complete beginner. But I was just curious about how this placement works. Then I managed to answer some questions. But then I get the beginning.

Duolingo Skills Features

“SKILLS” are pivotal components in the Duolingo platform. Here you will work around the Skills that you can level up by taking the exercises.

The skills forms are different from one language to another. Some languages can be more difficult than the others. The learners will practice each skill through a series of exercises.

As mentioned, it is a gamified language lessons platform. So, the process was fun and exciting. I didn’t even feel the time and saw my watch and was shocked. I did the Duolingo for two hours and missed my lunch!

All I can say is that its learning platform is very engaging and fun. If you are not dull learning, Duolingo can be your real savior.

Duolingo also updates their services from time to time. I noticed this when I logged Duolingo after a week of my absence. I noticed some differences in the exercises for the beginners. That means ones would not be able to cheat on the system to get the better level placement. I think it is pretty fair. All learners will start with their own pace.

Duolingo Home Screen

There are a bunch of features which you can directly access through Duolingo Home Screen. Both in the desktop and mobile versions of service, you will be able to get the access without any hassle.

For instance, there is a “Discuss” tab which will redirect you to the Duolingo forum. The community is active. It is full of fun and helpful people. I tried to start the thread and got quick responses in just a few minutes.

You can also discuss anything on the forum. Oftentimes, some language experts can also join with the discussions and give such clear explanations on different subjects. I should give two thumbs up to the Duolingo forum. It is very helpful and fruitful.

In the learn tab, you will have a lot of features like Stats, Achievements, Ranks, and so on. You’d agree that it is like the interface of social gaming. You can see it at the leaderboards. Who knows, your name will be on it.

Pros and Cons

DuoLingo is not one-size-fits-for-all. I think the same thing goes with the other similar apps like this. After using this app for a while, I found some things to share. Here are the things that I like and dislike.


  • Abundant free resources
  • Gamified lessons for beginners to make the learning process more fun and progressive
  • The short lessons are great for quick learning of the basics
  • The community is awesome


  • There’s no conversation lessons
  • Grammar instruction is not included
  • Needs some tweaks in the user’s interface

The languages that Duolingo offers


If you are a beginner and want to cover all of the basics, Duolingo is indeed your best choice. But it is made for the serious learner who wants to advance their language skills. Duolingo is free. And not like the other free services, it offers abundant free resources that you can fetch and use. It is worth your time to try it now.

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