English Vocabulary Made Fun

The most important words in any language are the nouns.  This is as true of English as any other language.  Without nouns, you can’t really tell a story.  After you learn nouns, English will really start to make more sense.  Other words such as adjectives will only come naturally after you’ve mastered nouns.

So how do you learn more English nouns?  There are several things you can do that are quite fun.   One of the best ways is to use a dictionary.  After you’ve identified the nouns in a sentence, if you don’t know the noun, look it up in a dictionary that translates to your own native language.  Then try to invent as many sentences as you can using your newly learned noun.  If you don’t know enough English words to use the nouns in a complete English sentence, then start out by making a sentence with your own native language, and then insert the English noun in the right place.

Some people, especially those who have already learned some English, also find it challenging and fun to look up these new nouns in an English only dictionary.  Read the definition and see if there are any words you recognize.  Then see if you can figure out what the definition of the unknown noun is.  It can be tough, so if you get stumped, don’t be afraid to ask an English tutor or teacher to help you.

By the way, if you’re reading a book or article, don’t stop each time you encounter a word that you don’t understand.  Many times, if you keep reading, the sentences that follow will help you figure out the meaning of the word.  The more important thing is that you understand as much about the entire chapter, story or article as possible.  Feel free to write down the unknown words, and then later, you can look them up in a dictionary.

Finally, remember that new words are not something that you will automatically remember.  You must use your new words or you will forget them.  So write them in new sentences, say them in sentences, listen to them over and over.  Eventually these words will become part of your growing English vocabulary.