Flirting in Spanish

In Spain and Latin American countries, interactions between men and women differ somewhat from North American countries. “Machismo,” or excessive masculinity, has traditionally been a part of Spanish and other Latin American cultures. However, this attitude is changing as time goes by.

Even so, cultural standards will still be noticeably different for, say, a Canadian in Spain. Especially for women traveling alone, they might receive flirtatious comments, which is referred to as “piropeo.” Although such comments may seem rude, they are generally meant to be sincere and respectful compliments.

These flirtatious comments, or “piropos,” are kind of like pick-up lines intended to convey romantic interest. Two of the more popular ones are “mi amor!” (my love!) and “guapa!” (beautiful!).

Caballerosidad, the Spanish term for chivalrous or gentlemanly behavior, is still common throughout Spain. Women will have doors held open for them, be helped out of their coats, etc.

Here are some useful flirtatious Spanish phrases:

Si tu cocinas como caminas, ¡quiero comer las migajas!
If you cook like you walk, I want to eat the crumbs!

¿Se abrió el cielo y bajaron los ángeles?
Has Heaven opened up and the angels come down?

¡Me gustaría que usted fuera mi suegra!
I wish you were my mother-in-law!

Quisiera ser eterno para amarte toda la vida.
I wish I was eternal to love you forever.

Si la belleza fuera delito, yo te hubiera dado cadena perpetua.
If beauty was a crime, you would deserve life in prison.

Con lo que se te ve… más lo que imagino… ya tengo bastante.
With what you show… plus what I imagine… I have enough.

Bendita sea la madre que te ha parido.
Blessed be the mother that gave birth to you.

Vaya sirena más guapa que acaba de salir del mar.
Look at the lovely mermaid that just came out of the sea.

Eres como el capuchino: caliente, dulce… y me pones nervioso.
You’re like a cappuccino: hot, sweet… and you make me nervous.

¡Mamita, tú con tantas curvas y yo sin frenos!
Hey baby, look at all those curves and I’ve got no brakes!

Adiós flor de arroz, mañana me caso con vos.
Goodbye rice flower, tomorrow I will marry you.