FluentU Review (2022) – Pros, Cons & Prices

FluentU has been raved in many online forums, blogs, and social networks. Some recommend it, but some won’t dare to say.

How good is it? Can FluentU help you to learn the new language appropriately?

Find the answer here.

What is FluentU?

FluentU is the name of a language-learning platform which provides language lessons in video formats with subtitles.

Learning a new language from FluentU is like watching movies.

In this platform, you will learn the languages by watching the videos in different genres such as music videos, commercials, movie clips, interviews, and more. Then in the videos tab, there are quizzes that you can follow to help you practice the language.

FluentU is an effective language learning service which enforces the learners to learn through the videos they watch. If you are a visual person, or love to watch videos, FluentU is definitely your best option to learn a new language.

FluentU platform is available on website, iOS, as well as Android. For the smartphone users, you will just need to download and install the app to your mobile devices. You can also register through the mobile phone as well.

The FluentU platform

The moment you open the FluentU platform, your eyes will be refreshed. I can give the thumb up to the designer because they’ve done a great job in designing the website as well as its app. It is indeed fun and visually appealing. The moment I open this app, I am sure that I would want to spend hours using this app to learn a new language.

From there, you will be able to choose the language you will want to learn. There are a variety of videos which you can choose from.

It is not a very comprehensive way to learn a new language. But it is good for the beginners who need to cover the basics and reach the conversation.

The languages offered by the platform

FluentU offers some popular languages learning including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, English, Italian, Korean, etc.

The Prices

It is basically free to register as a free member. However, it is not entirely free. Rather, new users will use a 14-day free trial. And when the trial is expired, you are encouraged to choose one of the two subscription offers.

The subscriptions grant you to unlock all of the features and all languages to learn.

Here are the offers which you can consider:

Monthly Subscription: $30/month

Annual Subscription: $240/year ($20/month)

FluentU Interface and Navigability

I’d love to say that FluentU is a good pal for language learners. Well, it is because it comes with such a simple and straightforward interface. You will be able to use its features the moment you open the home screen.fluentu-interface

FluentU staff really nailed the placement of the features and resources so that it would be hard to miss everything in it.

Just like when you learn other subjects, distractions should be away. FluentU site designer really holds this principle. You won’t get distracted when using this app. The interface leads you directly to the language or sources that you will want to fetch.

Searching the videos is very easy. You could just use the search function like you usually do in your favorite search engine. Its search function also comes with the great filters which you can use to help you pinpoint the right resource. I tried some of the filters and found videos that I want to watch. It is awesome!

The videos also come with the thumbnails. The thumbnails are clear so that you will know at a glance when seeing the videos without reading their titles.

Through the thumbnails, you will be able to find out the level, topic, and format much easier. Combine it with the search filters, BAM. Your learning will be more fun and progressive than before.

Watching videos will be your main activity. Well, this is what FluentU is all about.

On a daily basis, you will watch and learn with FluentU. I cannot imagine anything better than this. Well, it is my personal opinion. But I love to watch movies with English subtitles to improve my conversation and listening , as well as reading skills. FluentU can do more than that. Besides learning from the subtitles, you can also fetch some extra information which makes it easier to master your new language.

To find the videos, you just need to use the search feature with its filters. Then from the result pages, you just need to click (for browser) or tap (for mobile app) to watch the videos and learn the new language from it

The good thing here is that each video comes with the comprehensive list of vocabulary is that you can directly learn from this list.

However, the recordings are not recorded by native speakers. I can easily notice that the FluentU staff use text-to-speech technology. If you are striving for natural conversations, you cannot rely too much on the FluentU platform.

But what I’d like to give the thumbs up is the quality videos with interactive subtitles. It will help many learners to learn language quickly.

Pros and Cons

FluentU is not the best language-learning platform I’ve ever encountered. It comes with its own strengths and flaws. After using this app for a while, I can come up with some of the pros and cons points to share with you. Hope these will help you to weigh your options.


  • The design of the site and app is fun and engaging
  • Easy navigation for users in all levels
  • The videos come with good subtitles, making it easier to learn new language from them
    the videos are appropriate to learn the language


  • Unfortunately, they use robotic text-to-speech audio flashcards. I was hoping they did better than that.
  • There is no conversation practice, so that you need to practice it with your peers


As mentioned, FluentU has its own advantages in their videos with interactive subtitles. As the users, you will be able to spend hours for fun and interactive learning. The vocabulary list is also awesome. I only complained about its text-to-speech robots which make the videos not natural. I wonder if they notice this room for improvement. If FluentU nailed the native speakers’ recordings, it would be awesome!

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