French Conversation Practice

The best way to practice your French skills is to engage in French conversation. Remember the rule of thumb for new languages: practice makes perfect. You can start with French courses and a French language learning software. However, if you want to stay at the top of your game, whether you are proficient in the language, or are only a beginner, you should think about finding someone to practice with in a one to one situation, or joining French conversation groups. Your French is guaranteed to improve and you will probably also make a few friends along the way.

Take a French course

It may be a good idea to teach yourself French before jumping into French conversation practice. The traditional way still works: look for language courses in your area. For your pronunciation and listening skills it is the best if the teacher is a native French speaker. Listening to native speakers is how you learn the correct pronunciation and intonation.

Practice with a software

French is so different from English, that it takes a while to get used to the language’s sounds, rhythm and liaisons. The best French language learning software offers speech recognition technology, which basically gives you the chance to listen to a native French speaker and then hear yourself speaking, and correct the possible mistakes. The software also has French conversation lessons.

Find French speakers

If you don’t know anyone who is able to speak French fluently, you can make a search on On you can find groups of people who are interested in the same topics as you are. The topics are everything between board games to professional meetings. You might be able to find a group of people interested to learn conversational French somewhere near you. If there is none yet, you can always start it yourself. If you want to practice French conversation, it is great place to start.

You can also try, which is a huge hospitality network. The idea is to meet with travelers and possibly offer them a place to stay, and you can also surf other people’s couches if you like. French is a widely spoken language, and the odds are that you will be able to find people with whom you can practice your conversational French in everyday situations, find friends and get amazing experiences while at it. Meeting and hosting Couchsurfers is almost like you were traveling yourself.

Of course, other French conversation sites exist; you just need to find them. Search the web for sites that hold
online meetings for people from all over the globe who meet to discuss the things you love, in French. Get started with a forum, but do not feel like you have to jump into every conversation. Listen to the way others express themselves. Try to imitate native French speakers’ accent and intonation.

When you are confident enough, speak up about things you know about. Start talking with others, listen to their conversations and learn the codes of courtesy they use. So much has to do with your power of observance. By observing the mannerisms, listening to pronunciations, and understanding the speech music of the language you will learn more than you would in a thousand French classes. Begin developing friendships with French speaking people. Perhaps you can even continue your studies abroad. Studying French in France is naturally the best way of practicing your conversational French as well as continuing to learn more about the language and the stunning French culture.