Top 10 French Podcasts for French Learners

French is known as a romantic language. That’s why it is not uncommon that many couples use French to seduce each other. French is also one of the official languages of the United Nations and is one of the most popular languages in the world, so there is no harm in learning this language.

One of the obstacles is that this language is quite difficult to learn. Just like English in French pronunciation is a bit different from writing. habituation and practice. Habituation and practice will help overcome this obstacle.
Along with technological advancements there are many ways to learn new languages, such as podcasts, online courses, TV series, Music. Podcasts are one of fun, simple and popular ways to be used. This format allows us to be able to explore more deeply about topics and specialties in very specific topics. You can easily browse for thousands of language learning of varying degrees of quality. You don’t have to pay for some podcasts, but some others podcasts only offer a few complimentary lessons before introducing paid options.

You could easily find plenty of podcasts of French native speakers that could be used to boost your French to fluency and acquire great conversation topics at the same time. Native French podcasts will help you to immerse yourself in real French culture meant for real Francophone audiences (it is the key not only to understanding French, but also to a good sounding and pronunciation)

Below are some benefits learning languages using podcast
· Convenient Learning. Podcasts can be accessed anywhere and anytime. All you need is a computer, internet connection and earphone/headphones. You could choose when to learn and adjust your own pace
· Increase your exposure to different accents. Listening to French language podcasts will expose you with the array diversity of accents such as the Francophone world, from Bamako and Québec to Toulouse and Tunis. You’ll be more familiar with French speaking and able to improve your intonation, pronunciation and voice modulation.
· By listening people speak naturally will help you with an accurate speaking speed, which is great for travelling around France. Podcasts also provide opportunities to hear everyday words in context while learning more informal languages.
· Podcasts in French Languages is adapted for All Levels starting from beginner, intermediate to advanced
· Podcasts increase your confidence in speaking French Listening podcast can help you overcome common obstacle by familiarizing you with the words, phrases and accents that you need to speak well

Now that we’ve learned the benefits of learning from podcasts, we’ve picked some wonderful podcasts for you to try.

Daily French Pod

With a series of planned and concise lessons this podcast is an extraordinary language introduction. They will teach you common French words and sentences and help you improve understanding of French with listening exercises. The lesson is done entirely in French and alternates between narration by Louis and his conversation with other speakers. The speed of French is normal, although it sometimes slows down a little bit when Louis speaks directly to the listener. You must have some previous knowledge of French, so this French podcast is absolutely not suitable for absolute beginners. They also offer PDF supporting material including transcripts that are available for download.


Je French offers class for beginners, covering basic vocabulary, common expressions, verbs, nouns and pronunciations. You won’t have to worry about getting lost in France anymore after learning with this podcast. Each lesson begins with a short dialogue consisting of several sentences that are repeated twice to help listeners familiarize themselves with what the native speaker said. After that a translation will appeared and followed by English conversations among the presenters to discuss how to use some of the some of the phrases that you have just heard

French Pod 101

French Pod 101 provides a variety French podcasts for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced French speakers. Each lesson offers a collection of language learning materials including
dialogue, cultural insights and lots of information about traveling and living in the country. A native French teacher and a native English speaker who is also fluent in French is hosting the podcast. There are countless scenes in everyday life in France voiced by native French speakers. The lessons are neatly organized and well thought out, and use a variety of approaches in each podcast to ensure the listener’s attention remains focused.

News in Slow

Just like it’s name “News in Slow French” is an amazing podcast series where news stories are read in French at a much slower speed than what you hear on television or radio. This website is suitable for beginner and intermediate learners. They also provide a transcript of each lesson to help in learning. Each podcast is divided into sections, each section presents different stories, conversations between hosts, some grammar points and some common idiomatic expressions

One Minute French

One-minute French brings you sharp and quick lessons for French language beginner. Pierre-Benoit will teach you basic conversation for a vacation or business trip. Unlike the name “Óne Minute French”, each language podcast lasts for two to four minutes.

Coffee Break French

Produced by Radio Lingua Network, it gives such comprehensive practical lessons to the listeners around the world. This podcast is about the French Language teacher namely Mark coaching his student Ana. It is a prevalent podcast for the beginners. It helps the students to understand the basics of the French without any hassle.


This podcast revolves around daily life topics. You will get the insight of what the French language looks like in the actual occasions such as wedding ceremonies, parties, and others. The podcasts come with the transcripts so that you can also cross-check the clarity of the speakers and the grammar as well. It is a great option for beginners and intermediates.

One Thing in a French Day

Baby steps, baby. If you are just like other serious French learners, you will emphasize the importance of your learning phase. IndeedEach individual has their own phase. This podcast series brings you through the daily life activities. New podcasts always give you something new. And you can learn one thing on a French Day, or as many as you need.

Learn French by Podcast

Learn French by Podcast is structured series of lessons in the form of audios. If you need a clear syllabus for your learning plan, then this podcast is a go for you. The creator of this podcast manages the series with categories from the beginners to advanced language learners. The sections are clearly presented to you. Not to mention that each lesson is equipped with useful material such as full transcript and exercises.

Learn Out Loud: Survival Phrases

As the name suggests, this podcast is the French language learning SOS for those who want to learn French quickly. If you have a sudden agenda to go to France, or any other reason that enforces you to learn French quickly, this podcast can help you. The podcast also breaks the lessons down into strategic segments which you can learn in bite-size.

If you enjoy learning French using podcasts you might want to try the services above. Those podcasts help you learn French by listening to music, watching commercial news, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks. Some of them have interactive text that allows you to tap on any word to see useful images, definitions and examples.

You can also use good language learning services like FluentU’. It has a learning mode that will help you learn all the vocabulary in any video.” All you need to do is Swipe left or right to see more examples of words you learn. Also FluentU always keeps track of the vocabulary you learn. It uses the vocab to give you a 100% personalized experience by recommending videos and examples to you.