Top 10 German Podcasts for German Learners


Have you been trying to improve your German language skills into the next level? With our current technology, it is possible to learn foreign languages through various applications, both on mobile and PC. However, there would be an obvious limit on how far you can go with those apps. Most of the time, people could understand the basics, but for advance level, they would need something more practical. Podcasts are one of the ways to learn advanced applications of foreign languages. Through the podcasts, you can learn how to pronounce the words correctly and use the words in daily applications. Here are the top 10 German podcasts for German learners for next level language skills.

Coffee Break German

This podcast is the best for casual learners, either beginners and intermediate levels. The host is a German Native Speaker and his student, which will break down the sessions for better understanding. If you want to practice your pronunciation, here you would be encouraged to speak on various topics. You can just listen to the student’s comprehensive questions and digest the teacher’s precise elaborations. The podcasts are free to access anytime on the website, and you can still grab their supplemental offers for more learning materials.


Moving on to the next level, LingQ offers the learners the immersive experience in daily German conversations. The native German hosts would give you the firsthand experience on various topics each session such as shopping, eating out, vacations, pets, and festivals. You can also join their online community for more contents and tutors to help you break down the learning process. Besides hours of contents, the website also has a tool to turn a German text into a lesson. With this, you can say that you could create your own custom sessions for improved learning.

Slow German

For learners who meet difficulties with fast pace, this podcast provides you with authentic, but slower pronunciation. The host is a Journalist from Munich, besides helping you to focus on each syllable, you can also follow the transcripts. Beginners could pick the podcasts of daily conversations. Advanced learners could also pick the podcasts which take place in German, but much easier to follow at a slower pace. Learners could also subscribe to their service for additional learning materials.

German Pod 101

This is a great podcast for every learner. You can learn about the conversation and the German culture right from the start. Moreover, the hosts consist of a German native speaker and an american expat who live in Germany. You would get the logical explanations for any situation which is different from English, and they would also explain expressions in conversations. Make sure to follow the podcasts regularly for free material, because you would have to pay a subscription fee for podcasts older than three weeks.

News in Slow German

More practical German podcasts you can find, also good for intermediate learners. As the name says, in this podcast, the speakers read the news slowly in German so you could easily tag along. Besides news updates in German, you could also learn about practical expressions, grammar, and communicating at a suitable pace. Each episode of this podcast has different grammar highlights. You can learn more efficiently by listening to German language in real life.

Learn German By Podcast

Learn German directly for everyday use, this podcast uses role-playing conversations that makes it the best for beginners. The hosts would repeat the expressions used in making plans, giving directions, talking about family, and ordering food. The repetition in usage and explanations makes every learners who listen to this podcast pick up the lessons pretty quickly. The podcasts themselves are free, but you would have to pay subscription fees for the transcripts, grammar tips, and lesson guides.

Deutsche Welle Warum Nicht

This podcast tells the adventures of a German Student who works at a hotel, which then uses German in his everyday life. You would find each episode starts with an introduction, and there are also accompanying files of transcripts and lesson exercises. There are also series in this podcast which are intended for B1 learners in intermediate level. In the podcast series, there would be no English translations and explanations. However, there would be the transcripts in PDF format about the topics of each session.


Authentic German life-like narratives brought to you in a slow pace, this podcast is suitable for mid-beginners and intermediate levels. Find the appropriate language level in each episode which suits you the most. There are a vast amount of topics you can choose from the 50 episodes which have been made before. There would be no longer new podcasts production, but the previous ones are still more than enough to help you learn German. Following the lessons, you would get the same amount of English and German which will gradually become less English and more German.

German Conversations

This one is not literally a podcast, but they have a lot of similarities which make this conversational material good for German Learners. The materials are engaging, with an interesting storyline which would suit the learners up to intermediate levels. You can expect the transcripts to come with the conversations so you can improve your language skills better. The podcast consists of 20 parts of an intriguing story. Following this story, you would improve your listening skills greatly in less than 90 days.

German Podcasts from language Addicts

Need more vocabulary to improve your practical German skills? This podcast could help you with its various topics which cover routines, relationships, family, and items in the household. There are the vocabulary lists you can use to measure your level, as you progress, you would go from being familiar to memorizing those words. Similar to several podcasts, you would need to pay a subscription for past lessons. You can also get additional materials from downloading from the website.

Final Words

You can see that there are already many choices to improve your German capabilities. All you need to do is choose the ones which suit your needs and interests. After all, language skills are something that needs to be practised regularly so you could achieve fluency.