How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish

You might think that to ask how long does it take to learn Spanish is a how long is a piece of string question. But really, it is a bit of both.

You will need to ask yourself certain questions to know how long this may take for you. For example, do you already know more languages than your own native language? It is a fact that if you know at least one other language beside your own learning more languages on top of those will become easier as you add them to the list.

You might guess then the next question for you to answer would be how good was I at learning in school? But you would be wrong. Yes, of course learning ability comes into a but the primary predictor of your success in learning Spanish is your motivation for the reasons why you want to learn Spanish. So, how long does it take to learn Spanish, for you, will be different if you have to learn Spanish for a job that you hate or are disinterested in, compared to the advantage a knowledge of Spanish might give you in a career opportunity that you really really want.

Of course another prime motivator for learning Spanish fast is because you just been offered a wonderful opportunity for a tropical holiday in Ecuador, or Spain. And you certainly want to make the most of that!

Another thing you need to be clear about before assessing how long does it take to learn Spanish quickly is simply, how much Spanish do you need to know?

If all you need is to know is how to order a meal and a drink, ask for directions and a few general Spanish words and phrases to get you by then by all means buy yourself a phrasebook for tourists for a particular country you are visiting. You will be learning some Spanish but not very much. But if it’s all you need …

How long does it take to learn Spanish? A week!

Another important question you must answer for yourself is how much time do I have intensively learning Spanish. If you could devote a whole week, 9 to 5, seven days using a good online Spanish-language program, you could actually learn a very decent level of Spanish in a week. So where the advertising’s slogan learn Spanish in a week is often their to get you in as a customer you can live up to this statement if you really apply yourself.

Learn Spanish quickly with the best online language program.

There are Spanish online programs which combine Spanish language practice With visual aids, word games, and active support that will disentangle at least some of the Spanish grammar played jungle for you. These are the sorts of programs you should think of using if you want to learn Spanish fast.