How to Choose a Chinese School

Most Asian languages are complicated to learn because the students will have to start from scratch. Meaning, if you want to speak and write Chinese, you will have to forget the grammar rules of your own language, and start to write and speak as if you didn’t know anything. That’s why it is so important to know how to choose a good Chinese School. Many points should be taken into account in order to determine which school will teach you Chinese in the best possible way.

It is also a good idea to take language classes in China while making tourism around the country. If your teacher is a Chinese native speaker, you will have a great advantage because you will learn more about the Chinese pronunciation as well as the short phrases or slang words that are usually used.

In China, the most common language is Mandarin Chinese, and it is the most widely spoken throughout all Asia; so, there are a lot of Mandarin Chinese schools. Below, we give you a list of things that you have to check to choose the best Chinese school.

As it was noted earlier, a good Chinese teacher would be a person who was born in China. It is important to know about the teacher’s method of teaching but it is also important to seek the best courses that are the most appropriate for you.

Cost of the class
The cost of classes always depends on the time, the quality, and the location, among other features. A school that has a good reputation is usually expensive.

Events and activities
A school has to provide recreational activities and events in addition to the classes themselves. These types of activities are helpful in the learning process because students interact with people who are outside the classroom.

Type of class
For many students, having a particular class is more productive than joining a group class, but for others a group class is more entertaining than a particular class. More attention is given in a particular class, where the teacher will be able to determine the best teaching method for you. It is up to each student to choose between a particular and a group class.

Reasons for learn Chinese
The reasons as to why a person learns a language has much to do with finding a good school. If they are trying to work, it is better to attend a language school first. The same applies for those who want to study in a place where Chinese is spoken. For those who want to visit or tour around China, it is better to learn a basic Chinese vocabulary along with a few Chinese sentences (at least.)

The time that you will spend in the class
Because Chinese is a complex language, it is no wonder that for some the instruction time may be prolonged. Some schools have a strict schedule that must be followed to the point that students have to put more effort into learning the Chinese language adequately.

Experience teaching
It is important to review how much teaching experience the school has had. This is the key to obtain an important education; that is how you can evaluate the teaching quality of the school. Also, check the school’s accommodations and personal assistance.

Chinese Schools

Formal education in China is one of the oldest in the world because it dates from the Shang Dynasty in 16 BC. At first, education was exclusively for a privileged group and the main purpose of having well-educated people at that time it was for creating leaders to fill government positions. Favorably, the Cultural Revolution in China served to create changes to the education policy. Nowadays, Chinese schools are not only for a sector or group as it was during ancient times; in fact, the Republic of China constitutes a state system of free education or public education that is established by the current government. Now, its actual purpose is to create high qualified professionals who can contribute to the increase of the country’s economy.

Chinese schools available for everyone

In these times, Chinese education is considered as having one of the best academic systems in the world. Chinese academic formation follows Confucius philosophy. Also known as Confucianism, this Chinese philosophy is a millenary, philosophical and ethical system that seeks the development in social, political, moral and positive attitudes in the human being.

Confucianism is considered as a religion in some areas around China and many countries around Asia such as Korea, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam were influenced by these principles. That is why many foreign people visit the country each year because they want to know about the culture and learn Chinese mandarin in some Language schools. There are a large number of Language schools in China. We provide you with a list of schools that may interest you:

    • Shanghai Moren Education.
    • Mandarin Training Institute.
    • Chinese Town Language Institution.
    • China Language Alliance.
    • Beijing Mandarin School.
    • Mandarin Capital.

China has the most famous music schools in the world. The Hong Kong Academy for performing arts is located in Wan Chai and it is an excellent institution that provides educational programs in art. This academy was founded in 1984 and it is considered the best around Asia. In addition, the Hong Kong Academy for performing arts presents each year a spectacular musical show with professional singers and musicians and a big variety of singular Chinese instruments such as flutes, reed pipes, cymbals, drums and gongs.

Chinese people are really devoted to its music because they believe that the instruments provide them the ability to transmit intense feelings of the soul. In fact, there are several benefits of music that Chinese citizens know perfectly. For instance, we can mention the capacity to reach other dimensions in order to get peace and serenity.