How To Learn Spanish Fast

Increasing numbers of people need to learn Spanish fast for a number of reasons. The Spanish language absolutely can’t be ignored in a world of 400 million Spanish speakers, the third most commonly spoken language in the world.

Spanish language in the USA

Around 10% of the US population is of Hispanic origin representing millions of Spanish speakers within a predominantly English speaking country.

Motivation is everything

Economic reasons therefore play a big role in many non-Spanish speakers wanting, or needing, to learn Spanish fast. Why fast? Well, you might have received a job offer in Latin America or Spain where knowing at least the basics of the Spanish language is important. Your interview is in a week and you need to be able to demonstrate even a little knowledge of Spanish words and phrases.

Or, your career prospects will be boosted within the company you work for, because of its own Spanish workforce or business with Spanish speaking consumers.

Maybe you are suddenly faced with a choice to go on holidays to Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Tenerife or another Spanish speaking country. You need to order accommodation, the right food, and find the closest toilet, without embarrassing yourself.

Here’s how to do it fast

But is it actually possible to learn Spanish fast? Is it just part of advertising for Spanish language courses to say that you can? Well, a bit of both.

Of course learning any language requires some effort. No matter what advertising hype might suggest you will not emerge a quick Spanish learner by putting a learn Spanish CD-ROM under your pillow. And unless you are a genius you will not learn Spanish in a week with any Spanish language course.

But you can learn Spanish fast if you only need some words and phrases, at least for a start, to get you by, while you continue to work on good overall language skills.

So how do you learn Spanish quickly?

You find the best place to learn Spanish. You can learn Spanish at home, on the internet, by using a good Spanish lessons online program. For beginners Synergy Spanish or Rocket Spanish are excellent choices, where with the second program you can move on to acquiring excellent Spanish language skills.

Of course if all you need is some words and phrases just by itself a Spanish phrasebook, work through that until you are ready to move on to a full Spanish language course.

Another excellent way to learn Spanish fast, and you have some lead time before you need to apply your skills, is to put yourself into a Spanish language school in a Spanish-speaking country. You can do that for as short as a week, or much longer. This is called Spanish immersion and it will give you a great mix of Spanish language teaching and cultural understanding, seeing you streets ahead of any competitors in your career, in no time.