How to Speak French – Learn French Easily

Are you wondering how to speak French and trying to figure out what is the secret to learn French easily? Learning a new language takes a lot of work, but you can make it easier for yourself if you choose the right methods for you. You don’t always have to go all the way to study French in France to learn how to speak French fluently.

We are all different and also learn in different ways. First you need to figure out what kind of a learner you are. Don’t worry, it will only take a couple of minutes. The classification I am going to use here is analytic versus global or holistic learner. Neither way is better, they are just different. All of us have traits from both categories, but you can usually tell pretty easily which style is more “you”. Once you know how you can learn the easiest, you can use that knowledge to teach yourself French.

Analytic learners…

  • read everything carefully and pay attention to detail
  • remember text easily: words, sentences, even a whole chapter
  • might think about grammar and break words down while reading
  • like to make lists
  • build the big picture from details
  • cannot concentrate in a noisy environment
  • prefer to study by themselves
  • prefer listening to the teacher instead of working in a group
  • prefer order and sequences
  • prefer bright lights and a proper studying environment
  • don’t drink or eat while studying
  • mostly use the left side of their brain for studying

Holistic or global learners…

  • want to get the big picture before going into details
  • remember texts as situations, mental images and feelings
  • remember words as a whole without thinking about how they have been formed
  • don’t make traditional lists but pictures or maps instead
  • don’t mind noises like music or other people talking while they study
  • prefer working in groups
  • prefer a cozy studying environment and moving around
  • eat and drink while studying
  • don’t lose the big picture if distracted
  • mostly use the right side of their brain for studying

So, what do you think? Are you more analytic or holistic when it comes to learning? Can you see how these traits call for different learning and teaching methods (unfortunately many schools are still not giving enough attention to global learners) and affect on how to learn how to speak French? Here some more details:

If you use more left-brain thinking, you probably…

  • remember names, formulas and details well
  • are well aware of time and are rarely late
  • like logical thinking
  • like numbers and figures
  • are verbal
  • break the topics you are trying to master into smaller details

If you use more right-brain thinking, you probably…

  • remember well faces, smells and the general atmosphere
  • don’ t like strict schedules and are often late
  • like drawing, pictures and maps
  • daydream a lot
  • are visual and emotional
  • try to get the big picture and don’t care about the details that much

Which side you think is more beneficial in your efforts to try to learn how to speak French? You might put your money on the left hemisphere giving you more tools, but actually you need both sides. There’s a lot more to learning how to speak French than just good memory and an eye for details. The best way to learn French easily is to use both sides of your brain. Here some methods you can use to push the two brain hemispheres to work together.

If you are a left-brain thinker, you need to get the right hemisphere more active. Use the following techniques:

  • include sounds, colors, smells, feelings, atmosphere and movement into your learning
  • use pictures and symbols, create models
  • be playful, use humor, build mental images
  • relax and take breaks
  • speak less and slower

If you are a right-brain thinker, you want to activate the left hemisphere more. You can use the following methods:

  • write things down, play with words
  • imagine, break things into details and explore them
  • make lists
  • make a time table, arrange the exercises, follow your progress
  • decide what you are going to do and in which order and stick to your decision

Try different methods at least a couple of times and see which of them help you to learn how to speak French easily. A great way to combine different learning styles is to use a French language learning software. The best French language learning softwares teach things in many different ways simultaneously, which will make the learning more effective in all the areas: vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and French conversation.