How To Speak Spanish With These Tips

How to learn Spanish is about much more than taking a Spanish course whether this is through learning Spanish online or in college classes. In short, Spanish ain’t Spanish!

Learning how to speak Spanish properly depends on all those factors that have contributed to you speaking your own native language properly now. So let’s have a look at what these are.

How to speak Spanish – Is it only kids play?

Presumably you are no longer a child picking up a new language while you are playing. Doing it at a later age means you need to do things a bit more consciously. Now what would be the single most contributing factor to you speaking in your own language, the way you do now? Of course – you got it! It is interaction with other speakers of your language.

Many ways of communicating

But, not only that, speaking is only one way of communicating. We also communicate, two-way or one-way through television, magazines, newspapers, books, DVDs, and radio. There are also gestures, meaningful looks and all sorts of non-verbal ways of communicating that make up a culture.

We also communicate with ourselves! Yes. There is this important internal dialogue that goes on inside of you all the time. In which language do you hear your internal dialogue? Once you get to the stage where you can conduct your internal dialogue in another language you know you really are on your way to becoming a proficient speaker – in this case in the Spanish language.

How to speak Spanish through language immersion

So, therefore the best way to learn Spanish incorporates a bit of all of that. That would mean that an immersion Spanish language course in a Spanish speaking country is ideal. It is, but isn’t not viable for most people. But there is no reason why you couldn’t use your Spanish lessons online and complement them with most, if not all, of these factors

You will know really how to speak Spanish when you go a little beyond the limits of your Spanish language course. So what should you do?

Tips for how to speak Spanish

First of all, ignore any notion that the older you are the harder it is going to be. Learning a new language will simply engage your brain. Next, you will find it will get easier once you start making the effort. Age is really no barrier. Here are a few tips for you:

Listen to Spanish radio

Tune into the Spanish BBC. Even if you don’t understand everything that goes on there at first, as your Spanish online lessons progress you’ll pick up more and learn a whole lot about proper Spanish pronunciation.

Watch Spanish TV programmes

You don’t even have to tune in to local Spanish TV programmes, although this is a good idea. There is also the LoMásTv, Yabla online language immersion TV program. It offers Spanish and English captions which correct slow play. It even has integrated dictionaries and listening exercises. But Spanish on your TV will be fine.

Read Spanish magazines

Buy some Spanish magazines when you start your Spanish lessons. These are great learning tools because the context of the written word is often obvious from the pictures on the pages. There is even a magazine called Think Spanish Magazine for Spanish language learners. Highly recommended!

Write in the Spanish language

Writing in the Spanish language is a form of active learning. You’re actually using the language. Your brain will more easily absorb what you do. Just start by writing little notes to yourself in the best Spanish you know. Keep going back to what you wrote as your lessons progress, and correct yourself. Even better, if you have a friend, you can correct each other. Don’t be shy! Use your Spanish to order your paella in Spanish at your local Spanish restaurant (they will be happy to correct you!), and meet the Spanish speaking neighbors that you most likely have in your street.

Listen to Spanish music

There is lots of great Spanish music. Upload some into your MP three player and listen to the different parts of the day will stop you will be amazed how many words you will recognize anyone in this way.

Be a Spanish goods consumer

Learning how to cook in Spanish, and eat great Spanish dishes requires you to read the labels and learn Spanish ingredients in Spanish. Latienda is one place where you can shop for all things Spanish online if you can’t find them in your local shops. Why not buy yourself a Spanish cookbook Impress someone. Speaking of which…

Find yourself a Spanish girlfriend or boyfriend

Strictly for those who are single of course, this would be a great way to emerge yourself in the Spanish culture and learn how to speak Spanish fast!

Why learn Spanish? It opens many doors to you.