How You Would Benefit From Studying in England

The UK is respected across the world for its devotion to arts, commerce and development, without any prejudice or bias. A vibrant country made of all ethnicities and an example for many countries across the world. There is much to consider when deciding on a country in which to study and all of these contributing factors make it a difficult decision to make. However the fact remains that qualifications attained in the UK are highly regarded and stand above many other education systems around the world. An English school could give you access to the best universities in the world, as well as providing invaluable life experiences and providing a solid foundation on which to progress to further education and a successfully career. Here are some benefits of pursuing an education in England:

  • Industry – Regardless of which field you’re in, the UK has a flourishing industry to support it! Fashion, Finance, Technology, Health, Communications and so many other professions are thriving in the UK. This will lend a practical outlook to your academic education and will help you throughout your career.
  • History – The universities in Britain are over 800 years old. Therefore, they are coming from a rich history and have seen the world in every stage of evolution. They know the best traits that survive and adapt to provide you just those!
  • Duration – Undergraduate study in the UK is just three years, as compared to four years in North America and other places. There are some 2-year programs being offered as well. Postgraduate courses can be 1 or 2 years, which is again shorter than many other countries. This helps you get started with your career sooner in life, and makes for a cost-effective study abroad.
  • Variety – With such an extensive education structure in place there are so many opportunities available, in terms of subjects, duration, age group, qualification, etc. You can study there at the age of 16 or 60 and you are still assured an enriching experience.
  • English – A substantial knowledge of the English language is a criteria of English universities, and with the ever-growing use of the language in all aspects of modern life it could be a life changing skill and one that an increasing number of people worldwide are seeing as a necessity. With this in mind; studying in England, in particular ielts preparation, could be the ideal starting point for a successful career and ultimately provide the skills which stand you above other job candidates wherever you choose to work.