Instant Immersion Spanish Experiences

What is instant immersion Spanish? Really, the words “instant” and “immersion” are somewhat contradictory. Immersion Spanish is to learn Spanish by soaking yourself in the culture, the language, history, the people, in their day-to-day lives. None of that can be instant.

Clearly, it is difficult to immerse yourself to the extent in the Spanish-language by doing Spanish lessons online only. But there are many wonderful opportunities to study Spanish in the countries in which it is spoken. There are more than 20 countries where Spanish is the official language. Spain of course is one. Then there is Latin America, Dominican Republic, and some other countries. Having said that, there is also the odd Latin American Spanish online course that would be a wonderful preparation before you go on location. However, as Spanish everywhere is so very similar an online Spanish course like this one, is cheaper and more than fine.

Immersion in people and culture

When people look for instant immersion Spanish then, what they really mean is to find a Spanish-language course in Spanish speaking country. You can do a short course, or a longer one, all in Spanish language schools that teach Spanish-Spanish or Latin American Spanish. To learn Latin American Spanish is actually not that different from the Spanish spoken in Spain.

You can see that to immerse yourself in culture and history and people of a country is by no means an instant exercise, but even a short course in a Spanish speaking country will expose you to aspects of the language that you may not learn by doing an online course.

Spanish immersion experience forces you to learn – whether you know it or not

For example, having a need to ask for directions, to exchange money for all the right food doesn’t have the same impact in Ecuador Guatemala as it does in your own country. You either sink or swim! A wonderful motivator to learn Spanish fast as she is spoke in the country you are visiting.

There are various ways of going about finding yourself an instant immersion Spanish experience. You could start by poking around the Internet, All make some enquiries with a local Spanish language course.

We would definitely also recommend to investigate the Donquijote schools, a specialist in finding and running instant immersion Spanish schools. You’ll find schools in Spain and throughout Latin America, complete with extensive descriptions of various settings, their courses, and their costs.

We have heard of people who have done several of their immersion courses in different locations, one after the other. Sometimes it is hard to draw a line deciding between having a great holiday and doing a language course when you’re having fun!

Spanish immersion work experience and youth courses

Not only that, there are also great opportunities for work experience and youth courses in those various countries. What a great way to start when you’re young in a world of dissolving borders. Anyone who is multilingual, especially incorporating the Spanish-language will see doors opening to them that are shut to most others.

Credibility and safety

Whichever instant Spanish immersion course you choose, do make sure that you check the operator’s credentials, refund policy and accreditations. I know you would anyway…