Is Your Child Learning English?

Maybe you’ve been trying to learn English and have begun to realize just how hard it is.  You should not give up!  However, even if you do, remember that your children need to learn the language.  And you’ll be happy to know that, even though learning English might seem impossible for your, your children will probably find it much easier.

It’s been proven many times that younger learners can learn complex subjects more easily than adults.  This includes learning a second language.  In fact, the Critical Period Hypothesis support this idea.  This simply states that there is a certain span of years in which learning language takes place much more naturally and smoothly.  Science has shown that the best age for learning language is within the first decade of a child’s life.  It’s at this time that the brain is most flexible.

Some parents worry that their children will get confused or mixed up by trying to learn more than one language.  This is simply not true.  There are time when they might intentionally mix them up just because they find the word or phrase in one language easier than in another, but this will not cause any long term language disability.  On the contrary, a bilingual child, according to study, will be up to a year more advanced than other two or three year old’s in thinking skills.

These young years are the best years for exposing your children to the English language.  In fact, many experts say you should be exposing them to English before they turn five. That’s because at age five, they will already start having more difficulties in learning another language.  Ideally, a child should learn his or her native language and the second language–English–at the same time.

So how do you get your child to learning English if you don’t speak it well yourself?  The best way is to hire a private tutor.  By bringing in a tutor for two or three hours a week, your child should be able to learn his or her new language at a good pace. Who knows:  Maybe they will even inspire you to try learning their new language along with them!