Italki Review (2022) – the Hub of Language Teachers and Their Students

If you have been looking for the best online language course, you cannot go wrong with iTalki. The iTalki service has been raved over the internet by many people claiming that it offers the best platform for language learners around the world. There’s a reason why you must give it a try. So, let’s see the unbiased iTalki review below.

What is iTalki?

The iTalki is a language learning service site which offers a platform where you can find a tutor for the language you are learning. The form of online learning is 1-on-1 online language. The platform has huge pools of teachers who teach in over 100 different languages. As a student, you will have the freedom to find the best tutor who fits your learning pace, style, schedule, and requirements. There are a wide array of choices of pricing, teachers, and language you can find on iTalki.In this website, you will find the teachers from professionals to new teachers, as well as fluent native speakers.

The prices

The prices will depend on the rate determined by the teachers. It can be as low as $4 to as high as $60 per hour. On average, you can attain the service by $10 per hour.

Each language will have their own teachers with specific rates per hour. It is a great thing because you can pick one which is suitable with your budget.

The less common languages do not justify the prices. You can also easily find teachers who come with the friendly rates. With such varied prices, it will give you more choices to learn any language at home, office, or anywhere you want.


If you are looking for an affordable online language course, you cannot go wrong with the iTalki services.

There are a wide array of teachers that you can find.

On the iTalki platform, the teachers will set their own prices. Some teachers might charge you over $40 per hour. But some new teachers who have a certain set of skills with better quality could charge between $5 to $10 per hour.

The variable factors can make the prices different from one teacher to another. It can also be because of the supply and demand. More popular teachers are likely charging more than the less popular ones.

The types of teachers in iTalki platform

There are basically two teacher types you can find on the platform: Professional Teachers and Community Tutors.

The Professional Teachers are verified by iTalki staff.

The criterion of the professional teachers are those who have teaching experience in the school, university, or any other education institute. Of course, they need to prove their University Degree in education as well as The Teaching Certificate. so, you would expect the professional syllabus for each individual they teach.


Meanwhile, the Community Tutors group consist of people who are native, or those who have Advanced level of language they are offering to teach.

In most cases, Professional Teachers are more expensive than Community Teachers. it is because they are counted as “professional”. Most of them have research-based extra materials and prepare specific lessons for each different individual.

But those facts above are not the exclusive stuff you will get from the professional teachers.

The Community Tutors also offer comprehensive lessons experience for all of the students. If you want to learn language in casual mode and more affordable rates, hiring Community Tutors will be a better solution for you.

In fact, you could come across Community Tutors which are basically better than the Professional Teachers. Professional Teachers come with Language certification and formal track records. Meanwhile, Community Tutors don’t necessarily be professional, but can be great teachers of the language you are learning. Each of the types has their own pros and cons.

Scheduling your class and choose your teacher

The more common the languages you are learning, there are more teachers in it. you will have the freedom to browse around the teachers available in the site. You can also see the exact number of lessons the teachers have taught, the ratings, schedules slots, and the materials you will get. You will see the teacher profile. You can send a message to ask any question until you can get rid of your doubt.

There are also trial lessons that you can get to evaluate your teachers.

When you find your specific teacher, you just need to proceed by clicking on “Schedule Lesson”. or you could contact them before starting. They probably have a special offer for you if you manage to negotiate.

Then you would select the time platform you’ll use for learning (Skype, etc), then your user name.

The credits

The iTalki is a credit-based learning service. You will need to deposit first to attain the credits. Then, you can use your credits for getting the lessons online.

The credits that you’ve deposited are non-refundable. So, make sure to pay for only what you are willing to get.

The other tricky part that you must understand is that iTalki gives 12 months windows of login before credit expiration. If you don’t open your account for 12 months, the credits will be gone. But I’m sure it won’t likely to happen because you will need iTalki for learning language on a routine basis. But if you don’t take any classes for a year or so, I suggest you make use of your credits as max as possible.

The lessons

As mentioned, there are various lessons that you can participate in the iTalki platform. The lessons give you ample choices on what you are willing to focus on.

Every teacher has different personalities and styles in teaching. And as a student, you will have the freedom to choose the teachers who are suitable with your requirements.

You could take trial lessons to evaluate different teachers. The trial lessons are cheap. Most teachers in the iTalki are flexible and good team players. They will do their best to fulfill your requirements.

What I like about iTalki

  • Large pools of teachers in every language leaning
  • Various prices of services from different teachers
  • The flexibility of the lessons, you can learn based on your own pace
  • Schedule your own lessons
  • The versatile features like language partners, answers, notebook, etc

What I dislike about iTalki

  • Not all tutors might be suitable for you. It could take time to find the right one.


The lessons of the iTalki platform are generally affordable. By finding your teacher online, you will be able to learn any language at your own pace. It is fun to find your best teachers online and have the opportunities to learn a language conveniently anywhere.

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