Kannst Du Deutsch? Learning To Speak German

We’re living in a global society, where everything is connected via the Internet, making the world so much smaller and one becomes increasingly aware of other people outside your zip code, people outside your culture and beliefs, people from other countries.

While English serves its purpose, one becomes increasingly aware in terms of economic, business, tourism, science and research and general career issues how increasingly important it is to learn to speak a foreign language. When considering which language to learn one should take into consideration the impact of that language on the global village. In the following one will see how beneficial it is to learn the German language.

The Benefits Of German

As mentioned before, one should consider the influence of a language on the global village to decide which language to learn. Now many languages would have strong cases in this regard, but I would like to focus on why it is important to learn the German language.

For many years Germany has been on the forefront of economics and business and when it comes to matters of business one’s clients are your greatest concern. Many German business people deem it a sign of respect if companies learn their language, which shows the company’s level of commitment and by learning to speak the German language it gives the client an impression that the company is willing to go the extra mile for them.

German people are known to be the biggest spenders when they go on holiday and as humans even though you go out of your country you would feel more at home where your home language is spoken. So learning the German language would not be in vain. For example, various hotels, restaurants, stores etc. have received a high influx of German visitors due to them making their services accessible to German visitors by notifying them that they speak German and will cater to their needs in their mother tongue.

The same goes for science and research. Germany is one of the countries that offer the most research fellowships when it comes to science, so if one had learned the German language, this kind of opportunity would be accessible to you.

As one looks at South Africa’s booming call centre market one can also see that for career purposes learning the German language takes you to places you would not have thought were possible. One could earn euros instead of dollars; a whole world of possibilities would be open to you once you open yourself to learn the German language.