Learn Chinese in Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China and it is definitely one of the best places to learn Chinese language. Beijing boasts of having a large number of ancient monuments and amazing sceneries that are the perfect combination to learn Chinese without any problems. One of the main advantages about learning Chinese in Beijing is that Beijing’s language schools has some of the best Chinese native-speaking teachers who are ready to answer to any student’s question. In addition, Beijing offers pleasant nights where people can meet the famous Chinese restaurants and clubs. So, if you are planning to learn Chinese in China, Beijing is definitely one of the best options.

About the city

China boasts of being one of the most ancient and amazing cultures; it has beautiful cities like Tianjin, Wuhan, Shenzhen, New Taipei, Taipei, Xi’an, Jinan, Dalian and of course Beijing, the capital of China.

Beijing has existed as far back as the Zhou Dynasty and throughout its history Beijing has suffered many changes because of the invasions and the wars. However, Beijing has served as a capital for important dynasties including: The Shang dynasty, the Liao dynasty, the Jin dynasty, the Yuan dynasty and the Ming dynasty. Currently, Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and it has a population of 19,612,368 as of 2010; it is one of the most populous cities in the world. Beijing covers an approximate area of 16,801.25 km 2 that means that it is one of the largest cities in China. Due to its importance, Beijing is also considered as China’s political, cultural, economic, international, educational and of course, communication center.

Begin boasts of having a large number of amazing and ancient historical buildings and monuments that represent the apogee of the ancient Chinese architecture. In the past, Beijing had both interior and exterior walls built in the Ming Dynasty that were destroyed over time. However, the most important towers and doors like the whole complex of the Imperial Palace known as the Forbidden City, the Tiananmen Gate and the Temple of Heaven still remain intact.

Since it was implemented the Reform and Opening- up policy in 1978, Beijing has developed rapidly in the construction field, and currently, Beijing is the center of rail and air transportation. In order to meet the visitor’s needs, in many luxurious hotels and touristic complexes were built in Beijing where tourists can enjoy the Chinese culture. Beijing is also known by its delicious cuisine, which is considered by many people as one of the best cuisines in the world. In Beijing we can find from ancient and traditional restaurants to the most modern and luxurious restaurants where we can find the best of the world cuisine.

Beijing is willing to receive with open arms to visitors who come from around the world. So if you have never been in Beijing, and you want to know the amazing Chinese culture, would you not like to visit this beautiful city?

Why learn Chinese in Beijing?

If you are planning to study the Chinese language but you still do not know where to do so, you should know that Beijing, the capital of China, is definitely one of the best places to learn Chinese. But if you are asking to yourself, why should I learn Chinese in Beijing? There is a number of amazing reasons, and one of them is the fact that Beijing has a large number of renowned language schools and well-trained teachers who are willing to answer to any question of the students. In addition, once you are in Beijing, you can visit its ancient buildings and meet friendly Chinese people who will help you to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary.

What we like:

  • Beijing is filled with an endless number of amazing monuments, such as: Gulou and ZhonglouMao Zedong Mausoleum, Marco Polo Bridge (Luguoqiao), Monument to the People’s Heroes and Great Hall of the People, which show visitors the greatness of the Chinese culture.
  • Beijing has some of the most important and renowned restaurants in China where you can enjoy the delicious Chinese cuisine. In Beijing you will find from small traditional restaurants to the most luxurious restaurants in Asia where you can enjoy gourmet foods from around the world.
  • If you love to shop, then Beijing will seem like a paradise to you. Due to the large number of shops and malls in Beijing, you will find items at great prices.
  • Knowing the city is a great, unforgettable and cheap experience because of the low transportation costs.
  • People in Beijing are very friendly, polite and helpful. So, if you are lost in the city, do not worry because there will always be friendly people who will offer help to you.
  • The nightlife in Beijing is something that everyone enjoys, because there is always something to do every night. For example, you may go to a restaurant to taste the delicious Chinese food, and after you may go to one of the many clubs where you will have a lot of fun.
  • In the surroundings of Beijing, there are beautiful natural parks that show a large number of plants and animals. So, if you want to escape from the stress of the city, Beijing’s surroundings are definitely the perfect place to do so.

What we do not like:

  • Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in China due to its large number of cars; pollution is constant every day of the year.
  • Beijing’s traffic is crazy. Throughout the day and wherever you walk by, you will see a large number of cars.
  • Beijing is definitely a stressful city because around its streets are always crowded.