Learn Chinese in Xian

Xian is one of the most important cities in China. Although, the city is not modern as Hong Kong or Shanghai, Xian possesses a valuable historical and cultural heritage of more than 3000 years. Learning Chinese in Xian can be an excellent idea for foreigners because they will find excellent universities and language schools. In addition, students are able to learn about the millenary culture, the customs and the traditions of Xian People at the same time.

About the city

The Xi’an (西安) city is a big example of power and greatness of Chinese Dynasties. This city was considered as the most important during the last part of the old Tang Dynasty (618-907) and the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In fact, the city was built during the old Tang Dynasty by the imperial order of Zhu Yuanzhang who was the first monarch in the Ming Dynasty.

Yuanzhang was encouraged to build elevated and strong walls around the city and store food as much as possible in order to unify the entire nation. In this fashion, the city of Xi’an became into a city with a big military defense structure in the planet at that time. The walls is 14 meters long and 12 meters wide respectively. Each year, Xi’an houses an important marathon that is considered the principal annual game in the town where locals and tourists are allowed to participate.

Xi’an is one of the favorite touristic cities in China. This town is the capital of the old province of Shaanxi. That is why that the city is the favorite place for historians and archeologists because it has a vast historical background. We are talking about more than 3,000 years of Chinese history.

Initially the city was called as Fenghao throughout the Zhou Dynasty. Later, during the Han Dynasty the town was renamed for Chang´an which means “Peace Forever”. However, it changed again as Daxing (大興) in 581 during the Sui Dynasty. Finally it acquired the name of Xi’an in 1369.

Thanks to the project named Economic Revival of Interior China that was promoted by the central government, the city regained its grandeur and power and it is considered since 1990 as a cultural, educational and industrial center in the entire country.

Xi’an includes several touristic attractions in its entire territory. Visitors can find some important museums such as the Shaanxi History Museum, The Terracotta Army Museum, the Xi’an Museum and the Hanyang Tomb Museum just to mention a few. In addition, Xi’an can boast of having some impressive outdoor spaces like the National Forest Park and the National Geological Park.

Why learn Chinese in Xian?

Xian is a historical city that is located in China. In fact, there are more than 3000 years of history that is represented in landmarks, temples, constructions and old houses. Foreign students who want to learn Chinese mandarin can take a language course in Xian because the city is nice and friendly. In addition, students are going to acquire an efficient command of the language and a wide understanding of the culture, customs and traditions of the Xian people. There are excellent universities and language schools throughout the city.

What we Like Xian
Xian is considered as the historical town of China. Visitors can find several historical landmarks and ancient constructions that talk by themselves about the rich cultural heritage of China in this part of the country.


  • The Xian Terracota Warriors are basically plenty of statues of warriors in front of the tomb of the emperor called Qin shin.
  • The Huanqdi Mausoleum is a stunning construction that was built to worship the first king of China.
  • The Huashan Mountain which in Cantonese means “Brilliant Mountain” is one of the sacred Taoist sites in the country.
  • The Hanyang Tomb is a museum that provides clear information about the empire of the emperor Liu Qi during the Han Dynasty. There are valuable items and findings.
  • The Shaanxi History Museum is one of the best constructions that were built during the Tang Dynasty between the 618 and 907.
  • The Ancient City wall shows us how Xian was in the past. This is the first landmark that travelers are going to see when they arrive in Xian.


  • Xian is not a bustling city like Shanghai or Hong Kong; so, there are not a lot of places to have fun or drink a lot at night. There are some bars in the city but it is not like in other Chinese cities. In addition the city is quite expensive.