Learn English Fast – Ways To Get English Skills Quickly

Learning English Fast and Acquiring SkilIs Quickly is Possible

Many people from all walks of life have learned English fast, learned skills quickly and greatly increased their general English language fluency in a short period of time. These English Second language (ESL) or Third language students had a very strong passion or desire to learn and were highly motivated by a career, economic or social need.

They made continual efforts to learn quickly so they could be soon empowered to use an improved, higher level of English for some vital purpose. The purpose may have been related to an immediate domestic situation in their own country or for relocation abroad to an English-speaking environment, most often for work or study purposes.

These students have included such diverse groups of people as university students, business personnel, diplomats, tourists, newly weds, relatives joining family members, seasonal or specialty workers, refugees and other immigrants.

Traditional Ways to Learn English Fast

The usual ways to learn English quickly require the learner to enroll in special “Intensive” English courses or “Immersion” programs. The word “Intensive” means very thorough and vigorous. It implies the use of a lot of time, effort and energy.

“Immersion” means the state of being deeply submerged (e.g. dipped in water); that is, to be totally occupied and involved in a activity. Intensive language courses may be from 6 to 12 hours a day or more. Often such courses are fast paced, tiring and difficult as they tend to provide a large amount of language material from a wide range of topics in a short time. Courses often use a wide variety of methods to teach the course materials.

Nevertheless, such courses are not suitable for everyone. Many students felt that their intensive course was unpleasant and had too much homework. Some English Language students said that the pace of the course gave them a headache!

Multimedia: A Modern Way to Learn English Fast

A modern way to learning English for a variety of skills and in a fast and efficient way is to use a multimedia method of storytelling, such as videos or movies. Multimedia methods used in teaching English in a storytelling way delivers many pleasant sensory stimulations to a student all at one time.

For example, the audio will deliver the sound, rhythm and pronunciation of the English language in the vocabulary words and phrases spoken. The sense of sight will reinforce the learning experience with moving images of the spoken words in physical actions. The actions will show the behavior, gestures, facial expressions of the words and expressions and much more.

All of this lesson content is delivered in a natural and harmonious way. Also, subtitles providing added story lines with onscreen English lessons can be added to provide more learning content.

Multimedia methods of English language learning impact learners with emotional feelings, stimulate their imagination, excite their interest and activate their intellect as they get involved in learning the story. The learning experience is life-like and contains much indirect learning material. Students are able to study longer because the learning is both interesting and entertaining.