Learn Fluent French with the Right Learning Style

It will be easier for you to learn fluent French if you are aware of your learning style and know which sense you use the most for learning new things. This is actually vital for successful learning; if you constantly use the wrong methods and find it hard to teach yourself French, you might feel that it is impossible for you to ever speak French fluently and give up. Studying with the right methods helps you to be successful.

For some people, visual input is the most valuable whereas some others rely upon an auditory style. Still others find that they learn the best through kinesthetic means, and the last possibility is a combination of all the three possibilities. Everyone has one primary learning mode, and identifying that mode will make it easier to maximize it and enhance your learning.

Does that sound too fancy? To put it short: it is all about whether you prefer to learn by seeing, hearing or doing. An example: if you want to teach someone how to write a letter in a correct format, you need to figure out how they learn the best. About 20 to 30 percent of school-kids remember what they have heard and 40 percent remember things that they have seen or read. Many of them need to write things down or use their fingers in some way to remember basic fats. There are also people who cannot learn information or skills unless they actually try them out themselves.

If you are not sure about your learning style, you can either read on or take one of the tests found online. Use the techniques suitable for your strongest sense the most and support it with other methods to guarantee the best learning results. This is why a language learning software is useful. The best French language learning softwares combine these methods and are suitable for all kinds of learners.

Auditory learner, learning by hearing

  • Your strongest sense is hearing. You remember lyrics and melodies easily. You will learn to speak Fluent French by learning the intonation and rhythm of speech easily.
  • You benefit from traditional teaching techniques and like to get information by listening to a teacher.
  • You succeed when the directions are read aloud and when information is presented and also requested verbally.
  • You like detailed explanations. They help you understand and remember.
  • You say things like “tell me more, let me explain how it sounds like”.
  • You are usually good at speaking and writing. French conversation is easy for you.

Visual learner, learning by seeing

  • You use your visual memory the most and therefore get the most out of your material when reading and looking at the material.
  • You want to see the big picture.
  • Diagrams, charts, drawings, films, pictures and written directions help you understand and remember how to speak French.
  • You often say things like “let me show you, let me draw a model” or ask people to show you what to do.
  • You like to-do lists, assignment logs and written notes.
  • You are fast and use a lot of imagination.

Kinesthetic learner, learning by doing and moving

  • You learn the best when you get to move around, touch and do and try things by yourself. This is the hands-on approach. Science labs, field trips and different activities are your thing. The ultimate French learning method for you would be to study French in France!
  • Action and taking part help you understand and learn.
  • You often say things like “I feel that, let’s try it out”.
  • You need a lot of time to process things and like a lot of variation.

Read on to get practical tips on how to learn fluent French easily by taking a benefit of your preferred learning style.