Learn Mexican Spanish In Colorful Mexico

Of course, the best place to learn Mexican Spanish is … in Mexico! Whatever your reason for choosing  Mexico, your choice has many things going for it.

Importantly, Mexico is the country with the greatest proportion of Spanish speakers and its language schools are generally very affordable.

Mexico has many Spanish language schools, including Spanish immersion schools. What are immersion schools? Well, these are usually residential schools where the program includes your immersion into the local Spanish culture as much as in its local language. This may include a homestay with a Mexican family. I don’t need to tell you that this can be a hugely enjoyable experience where you will learn Mexican Spanish fast.

Mexico is also known for its wonderful beaches, picturesque colonial cities and fascinating archaeological sites. And don’t forget the cooking! Eating Mexican in Mexico is a completely different experience to eating in your local Mexican restaurant. A Spanish immersion school not unusually may also throw in cooking, art or dance classes, as well as excursions to archaeological sites and local museums.

There are a few towns in particular that boast a Spanish language course. These towns are Guanajuato, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Cuernavaca, Oaxaxca, Merida, Oaxaca , Puebla de los Angeles and Morelia.

OK, lets not keep you waiting! Here then are some Spanish language schools in Mexico:

Donquijote School Oaxaca

  • Intensive group course: 15 group classes/week
  • Super-intensive group course: 25 group classes/week
  • One to One private course: 25 classes/week

The Oaxaca school is located in the city centre and is just 2 blocks from the beautiful 16th century Santo Domingo convent. You will find close-by many internet cafes, restaurants, museums and art galleries. The setting is an old colonial home with thick walls that keep classrooms cool and a large central patio perfect for socializing with fellow students from all over the globe over a drink or snack.

Donquijote School Puerto Vallarte

The school is located on the Pacific coast, in the State of Jalisco, fringed by mountains and beaches, among colonial-style buildings – just one block from the ocean. Here you are close to restaurants, cafes, shops and night time locales. There is a conference room for orientation, lectures and movie projections.

Similar courses structure as in the Oaxaca school.

Don Quijote School in Playa del Carmen (Playa)

Close to Playa’s tropical beaches, at this school classes are held outside in its gardens. the school has a stocked library, open-air and air-conditioned conference rooms, a cafeteria, and a volleyball court. various levels of Spanish lessons, including on culture and history.

Instituto Miguel de Cervantes

Located in Guanajuato, this language school offers an all-in experience including cultural activities and excursions. Small groups between 5 and 8 students especially make this an intensive language experience.

Cuauhnahuac Spanish Language Institute

This Mexican Spanish immersion school has offered Spanish instruction since 1972 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Homestay, cultural activities and excursions.

Queretaro Language School

Located 2 hours from Mexico City, in the World Heritage town of Querétaro. A wide range of Mexican Spanish language programs, including opportunities for cultural activities and volunteering. University qualified Spanish teachers.

Spanish Institute of Puebla

Located in Puebla de los Angeles, 60 miles south-east of Mexico City, This institute offers comprehensive Spanish language courses, excursions And accommodation. A little more expensive than some. Many American colleges and universities except credits from this institute for advanced status.

Frida Spanish School

Comprehensive Spanish language courses with optional homestay accommodation and cultural experiences. This school was the winner of the Exito Award, given to the best Spanish School in Mexico City, 2009.

Donquijote Spanish Language Immersion Schools

Not sure that Mexico is it for you? Check out Donquijote’s Spanish language immersion schools where you can choose from among 20 different locations in 10 different Spanish speaking countries.