Learn Spanish To Live

That’s right, some people would say that to learn Spanish is to learn to live. True and not true. Of course you already know how to live and your own culture undoubtedly gives you color and identity in your life.

There are many different reasons why anyone learns a new language. These include the fun of learning, benefits at work and in your career, making travel more worthwhile, learning about how other people live.

Spanish bonuses

But with the Hispanic language you get the added bonus of a long history and 22 Spanish speaking countries. To learn Spanish is to be connected with the Roman empire, which played a significant role in the formation of modern Spanish, as you are connected to the Arabs that occupied Spain for hundreds of years.  You will speak the language that Columbus spoke when discovering the Americas. And you will enjoy filmmaker Pedro Almodovar’s  work as it should be enjoyed: In Spanish.

But when you learn to speak Spanish you actually also develop your written and oral skills in your own language, something many people simply do not appreciate. The human brain develops new connections in everything we do, observe, and well, learn. It is wonderful that by learning we learn more. In fact we find more territory within which to learn. Our horizons expand, a very Spanish thing it seems as the travels of Christopher Columbus showed beyond doubt that the Earth was not flat but round. There is also a vast Spanish literature waiting for you to explore. Read Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his native tongue and be there!

So, if you could learn Spanish while being connected to the colors, tastes, sounds, smells and touch of the Spanish worlds in which it is spoken, not only would that speed your learning, but it would hold your interest. It is for that reason that some people who can afford it opt for a Spanish immersion course in Spain, or in any Latin-American or Caribbean country. Did you know Spanish is also spoken in the Philippines?

In school or Spanish online?

Now the costs associated with travel, accommodation and Spanish school fees put quite a few people out of range of that option. If only you could take Spanish lessons and learn just as easily and with as much fun right where you live.

The obvious answer is of course to learn Spanish  at a college or school in your neighborhood. There are good ones, bad ones and anything in between. A major benefit is of course the social contact with fellow students, learning together. Good option if you have a good, affordable course close to you and you don’t mind attending at set times, getting to your course rain or shine.

Another option, taken by thousands every month is to take Spanish online course online. This really can be an affordable gateway to benefits including attracting a better wage in your present job, promotion, enjoying your travel.

You can learn Spanish online in fun, effective ways if you choose the right one. It should not make you feel like you’re slaving away on your lonesome, at home. A good course gives you interactivity with the learning material, support and a learner forum. It’s not the same as sitting in a language school in Ecuador but once you got your certification, perhaps your boss will send you there!