Live Lingua Review (2022) – Details, Pricing, & Features

As we know, language learning is a big deal. The online courses can be expensive. And you will need to spend hundreds to thousands bucks to master just one language. There are many resources wherein you can visit to learn the specific language by yourself. But you might be wondering if you can get these resources for free.

It is not your only imagination!

The answer is a big YES! You can get the online courses for free in Live Lingua. Live Lingua is a freemium online language lesson service which provides a place for the teachers and their students. If you have been familiar with the services like Verbling or iTalki, then Live Lingua is pretty much similar to them.

But what makes it different from the other online language services is its side-projects which aim to those who are looking for free lessons. Live Lingua staff have compiled the public domain language lessons in different forms including the texts, videos, and audio files. The good news is that you can download them all for free.

What do they offer?


There are many materials which you can download from their site. You can easily find the PDFs and MP3 files from the free courses on the site. They provide the courses in many different languages. There are free offerings of different language free lessons such as French, German, as well as Spanish.

Live Lingua researched the materials meticulously so that you will get the quality resources. However, you will come across some older language materials which might not be relevant for today’s needs.

Although some of the materials are older, learning from these free resources will set yourself at the better track in learning language. I have used the Basic Japanese Course from it. I was pretty surprised that there is no such thing like this PDF in my current timeline. The PDF file which sourced from decades ago is completely different with the materials that I fetched from
the newer sources.

Abundant Free Resources at Live Lingua

There are enormous courses that I could find at Live Lingua. But I didn’t have the time to explore all of the courses they offer. It is because the Live Lingua staff compiled the courses from different sources.

But what I’d like to highlight is the FSI – Foreign Service Institute courses because it is amongst the best. Back then, I picked Japanese language FAST courses.

The courses cover enormous vocabularies, structures and grammar. As we know, it’s difficult to learn about the Japanese grammar and structure.but the texts are so comprehensive so that it was easy to learn all of the basics. Meanwhile, for the listeners, this source comes up with a good quality MP3s file.

The hyperlinks are included in the PDFs which you can directly click to get to the other resources.

Thanks to my hectic schedule, my learning pace might not be faster. But the FSI FAST course is straightforward and simple. The lessons given in these resources use effective methods to teach me so that it didn’t take a long time to cover all of the basics.

Consider checking its huge collections. Who knows, Live Lingua also provides the free resources for the language you’d want to learn.


Live Lingua is an online language school platform which facilitates the learning activities for the students and the certified teachers. It comes with one-on-one online classes. Therefore, we can say that it is a good personalized service for those who want to focus on one pair of learner.

The language tutor quality

I give the two thumbs up for the online course services provided by the Live Lingua. But it is not only the services which make this site awesome, but also the native-spoken teachers. Although they applied as native, the Live Lingua still enforces them to join with the additional training through Live Lingua.

What does it mean? In my opinion, it is a proof that Live Lingua really pay attention to their service quality. By conducting the additional training for the native speakers in Live Lingua, this will enforce the teachers to conduct the learning-teaching practices based on Live lingua specific standards. It is indeed the reason why Live Lingua has high quality teachers.

Live Lingua Platform

Keep in mind that Live Lingua is not a completely free platform. It indeed provides a lot of free materials, but it also encourages the learners to learn from native speakers.


The prices of the online courses in Live Lingua are varied depending on the teachers’ rate and the language.
You might notice that the price is a bit more expensive than the other online classes. The hourly rate of the Live Lingua online classes can be as low as $11 to as high as $39. I know that it is very expensive for some people. But the lessons are personalized for you.

You know what to expect in the private classes. That will give you privilege to hone your skills and learn to the best. Also, the first lesson is free. you can use this chance to assess the service of Live Lingua platform.


The registration process has the things to do with your schedules. As usual, you will need to fill out the form with your personal information, choose the language, your level, accent you’d like to learn, as

After finishing the registration, you will just need to wait for the response from the personal class coordinator. You will then learn how to participate in the class. All will be explained through your email.

Pros and Cons

I only used Live Lingua for three weeks. And this time has been enough for me to make an assessment of their service. Here are what I like and dislike about this online language courses platform.


Tons of free resources
Different language courses offers
The quick loading of the site
Good customer support
Quality native speakers as the teachers


I noticed some rooms of improvement in their main website
It can be a bit tricky to find the best teacher for you.


The mobile app itself comes with great design. It is simple and straightforward to use the app. The fun interface can possibly make you preoccupied for hours with this app.
I recommend you to download and install the mobile app version because the website loads a bit longer.

The number of free courses that you can access as free members offer you tons of opportunities to assess the services and learn new languages without paying a single dime.

It is indeed worth your time to try Live Lingua.