Memrise Review (2022) – Pros, Cons & Pricing

Memrise is the name of a language-learning app which is available on website platforms and mobile apps. It offers a lot of content for free.

But what makes Memrise distinct is that it comes with the gamified flashcard format, which makes the learning process more fun and exciting. If you are not up to boring and dull materials, you can consider picking the Memrise as your partner in language learning.

You can rely on Memrise apps as the beginners

Chances are you want to learn foreign languages but have no idea about where to start. You need to rely on the good online language courses which have the good structures of lessons.

Memrise is a great app for you. It will comprehensively lead you to study languages from the basics with the new characters, words, vocabularies. It is not a flashcard.

If you are not planning to go Pro, you can use its Free tier to attain an enormous amount of lessons. When you are getting more serious, you can upgrade your account to Pro anytime you’d like.

What I think about the features and interface of Memrise

When we learn a foreign language online, we must have concerns and assessments on their interface. The features will have direct impacts on our language learning progress.

I can say that Memrise has such a matured learning system. I can see that from how they structured the lesson.

One cannot skip the lesson. So, you will start at the first lesson. The upcoming lessons will remain locked until you finish the prior lessons.

In my opinion, it is the most appropriate feature for the beginners. With this, the beginners will be able to cover all of the basics and master the fundamentals first before proceeding to the next levels.

Memrise allows the users to study on various topics with different levels. Even with the free account, you can take as many courses as you want.

You can use Memrise anywhere

Yes, literally! And it does not stop right at your PC or desktop device. Memrise service also comes in mobile apps. Through the mobile app, you will be able to use the features which are the same as the website. If you have been familiar with the Memrise website’s interface, then it should be easy to comprehend the way the Memrise mobile app works as well.

You can also register your Memrise account directly through the mobile app. Imagine how many perks you can get when bringing your language learning companion in your pocket.

The available languages


In Memrise, you can learn many languages which are popular around the world. I cannot list them all but here are some of the most popular languages that you can learn from Memrise:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Arabic
  • Polish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Etc…

The prices of paid membership


There are two types of account in the Memrise: Free and Pro.

The free membership, as mentioned, costs you nothing to use some basic features with limitations.

To unlock all features, you’d like to upgrade your free account to the Pro Account.

Pro Account costs $8.99 per month, $90 per year. But that’s not the end of the offers.

Memrise also offers a lifetime membership for only $139.99.

So, if you are going to stick around with this provider for many years in the future, it is indeed a great idea to pick its $139.99 lifetime membership.

The Pro Membership unlocks all of the premium features in the Memrise.

The key feature of this account is the chatbots which will help you to learn by the videos of native speakers, conversation, adaptive technology, charts, statistics, and so on. The adaptive technology is by far the most sophisticated one because the platform will tailor the lessons for you.

Free or Paid Version?

If you’re just like other language learners, you might be in the middle between paying or not paying the service.

In Memrise, you can create the account for free. With your free account, you will have the access to many free resources. From there, you will be able to learn about the vocabularies, basic sentences, as well as basic grammars. Memrise is not only providing language courses services, but also other subjects such as geography, math, science, and so on.

Pros and Cons

After using it for a while, I can finally share the exact pros and cons of the online language learning platform called Memrise. Here is what I like and dislike about this service.


It has good sources for beginners
It has more thorough learning for ampler learners’ learning curve
The features have the customization options that allow the learners to use the site in their own style
The high quality customer support


There might be some room for improvement in the website interface since I noticed some glitches when moving from one page to another.


Memrise is a good freemium app which can help you to learn various subjects in specific languages you are interested in. Especially for the beginners, you will be able to cover all of the basis without any hassle.

Of course, Memrise will not make you fluent in speaking foreign language. But it is a great tool to help you to set the stand. Memrise provides their platform on website and mobile app. Both of them are important depending on style. If you are on the go, you can learn the new language with its mobile app. The free membership itself has such great quality to compare to the other sites’ free resources.