Numbers in Spanish

Learning the numbers in Spanish is simple and practical – each and every time you shop you’ll be able to practice Spanish numbers

One of the most useful things you can learn are how to pronounce the numbers in Spanish. At some point in a Spanish speaking country you’ll be faced with shopping and if you understand nothing else, knowledge of the numbers in Spanish will help you both asking for products and understanding their price.

Cardinal Numbers

Spanish numbers from 0 to 99

Cardinal numbers are used for quantity (one, two, three), as opposed to ordinal numbers, which are used for order (first, second, third). Note that the pattern used in the teens and twenties is different to 30 and above, and that numbers ending in 1 follow the gender of the following noun; if the noun is masculine uno shortens to unveintiuno becomes veintiún in the masculine to preserve the emphasis on the u; if feminine uno becomes una.

0. Cero
1. Uno
2. Dos
3. Tres
4. Cuatro
5. Cinco
6. Seis
7. Siete
8. Ocho
9. Nueve
10. Diez
11. Once
12. Doce
13. Trece
14. Catorce
15. Quince
16. Dieciséis
17. Diecisiete
18. Dieciocho
19. Diecinueve
20. Veinte
21. Veintiuno
22. Veintidós
23. Veintitrés
24. Veinticuatro
25. Veinticinco
26. Veintiséis
27. Veintisiete
28. Veintiocho
29. Veintinueve
30. Treinta
31. Treinta y uno
32. Treinta y dos
40. Cuarenta
50. Cincuenta
60. Sesenta
70. Setenta
80. Ochenta
90. Noventa
99. Noventa y nueve

Spanish numbers from 100 to 999

The ending of the 100s agrees with the gender of following noun, for example doscientos becomes doscientas.

100. Cien
101. Ceinto uno
102. Ceinto dos
103. Ceinto tres
110. Ciento diez
200. Doscientos
300. Trescientos
400. Cuatrocientos
500. Quinientos
600. Seiscientos
700. Setecientos
800. Ochocientos
900. Novecientos
999. Novecientos noventa y nueve

1000 and above

1000. Mil
2000. Dos mil
3298. Tres mil doscientos noventa y ocho
10000. Diez mil
100000. Cien mil
1000000. Un millón
2000000. Dos millones

Note that in Spanish it is usual to use a comma to denote a decimal number and and period to mark thousands. Therefore 1,5 signifies one point five (one and a half) and 1.000 signifies one thousand. This doesn’t apply to all territories such as Puerto Rico where the US system is used instead.