Online Games That Help You Learn English

Learning English can be boring, scary, challenging or fun. If you had your way, which would you want it to be? Fun – of course! But even though it is boring, scary, challenging at times – it can also be fun if you make it that way by playing games online that will also improve your understanding of English, your spelling of English words and your knowledge base about just about everything – from soup to nuts and more!

Most of the games are multiple choice where you have a one in four chance of being right. Or you can ask the computer – which is a little bit like cheating – and it doesn’t always give you the right answer anyway so you might as well guess. As you answer questions correctly, you then qualify to go the next level until you are a Super Star of English!

You can go online and look for games that will improve your grammar, improve your spelling, ask you questions like – which is the smallest of these three objects or animals and which is the largest? You can be challenged about what to find in a garden, in a kitchen, in a bathroom or you can learn which is a noun or a verb. You can be asked to name different types of fish or to put words into categories.

Still other games are crossword puzzles or offer different types of challenges to test your knowledge of words, phrases, geography and general knowledge in many different areas. These word games will be invaluable in providing improvement of your English and will also help you in knowing more about your adopted country and its customs and its people and places. As you improve you will move more quickly through each game but if you continue to do these types of exercises you will see a huge difference in your ability to communicate effectively in English.