Pimsleur Review – Does Pimsleur Work? (2022)

Pimsleur is an online language learning platform which focuses on oral language learning. Pimsleur is one of the biggest names on the market and oftentimes people skipped it because of the hefty prices. But don’t fret yet.

The provider recently added a new subscription model which comes with more reasonable prices. That explains the significant increases of the members of the site recently. The new app is friendlier and simpler than before. In this opportunity, I will explain to you why you need to consider this platform to get the lessons of language you’ll want to learn.

How Does it work?


The interactive platform is the key to make it works for you. It uses the spaced repetition method wherein all the learners will keep repeating the materials until they’ve mastered them. Here is a brief explanation about the spaced repetition process.

First things first, you will listen to a foreign-language phrase, then the platform will ask you to repeat it. Then it will enforce you to remember the phrase and say the words out loud. The platform gives you specific time intervals. The intervals are shorter in the beginning. These will be longer overtime.


For instance, the platform speaks a word. Then you need to listen to it and say it 15 seconds later. Then you will need to say it 45 seconds later, 1.5 minutes after that, and so on. The time intervals will grow overtime.

Spaced repetition is not actually a new thing. Back then in the past, you surely remember that your teacher applied this method to repeat anything they said. .you will learn a lot every hour you spend with the online course.

The publisher of Pimsleur, Simon & Schuster claimed that anyone can learn a new language to intermediate level in 30 days. Of course, I cannot say that it is 100% accurate. But it can motivate you to learn the new language as fast as you can with the help of the Pimsleur platform.

But here is the fact. Pimsleur’s spaced repetition method has attained great outcomes. I have seen a lot of positive feedback about Pimsleur. The users don’t usually ask for refunds of the products, which is solid proof that the platform works for the learners. Obviously, you cannot learn a lot with little effort. No matter how good the platform is, you won’t attain anything from it if you don’t dedicate yourself to it.

Pimsleur language learning programs are not new things. In fact, these were developed back then in the 1970s. but now, it is available on the digital formats.

The MP3 files are downloaded to give you the materials for learning. The MP3 files will help you to learn at your own pace. Pimsleur’s on-demand content is the repackaging version of their old lessons back in the 1970s and above. But these lessons are authentic and working for now.

Pimsleur software comes with the catalog that stores 59 languages and over 200 courses produced in Concord, MA. These are available as digital audio downloads, CDs. Most of the languages are available in interactive software format to ease the learners to achieve their goals.

How can you use Pimsleur to learn any language on a daily basis?

Our tester, a blogger from Massachusetts, Chris, bought a copy of Pimsleur Japan 1 in CD format. Chris managed to learn the first lesson very well.

The Japan 1 consists of 30 lessons. Each lesson is roughly 30 minutes long. So, he would take 30 minutes per day to finish the whole lessons. He finished Pimsleur Japanese 1 in 30 days because he consistently learns 1 lesson per day without taking a day off.

He did the core lessons anywhere, anytime he wanted. FYI, he has a 9-5 desk job. But during this pandemic, he is working from home. That explains why he learned the lesson at home when he was at the living room, bedroom, or any other room in his house.

At first, he was introduced to the basics of Japanese language, then leading to reading the Japanese hiragana script. The lessons taught him to sound out words with the correct pronunciation and accent.

Japanese language is pretty familiar for Chris. That’s why he confidently told us that the spoken people in the audio are all native speakers.

In the first 10 lessons, he learned the basics such as saying hello, asking and giving information, scheduling an appointment, giving directions, and so on.

In the next 10 lessons, he expanded the basics. It is where the things got really interesting for him. Here he could expand the menu, getting involved with more specific abilities, currency and exchange money, conversations, as well as new items to learn.

In the final 10 lessons, he would be understanding at intermediate levels. The lessons include shopping, going to a restaurant, visiting friends, plans for evening, car trips, and many more. 

Speaking of reading and writing courses, Japan 1 will teach you how to read hiragana alphabets, the simplest one amongst Japan’s three writing systems.

What I like about Pimsleur

It is great for beginners who want to learn a new language from the basics. As we know, one can be a good speaker if they learn from the basics. If you want to have strong basics and foundations of the new language you want to learn, Pimsleur can be a great choice. It comes with 49 languages programs as well.

The MP3 files also enable you to learn anywhere you want.


It would be much better if it has interactive elements and visual aids.


Pimsleur has set its platform apart from the different providers. When the learners use the Pimsleur language learning method thoroughly, they will reap the obvious benefits and get the results they want. Most of the language-learning online classes cannot bring the results closer to this. All in all, this online course platform won’t fail you.

For beginners, Pimsleur can make a great choice if you want to learn the language with such high-end results.

Pimsleur is definitely a great program for those who want to learn to speak and comprehend a new language in just a month. But it is an audio-focused program. If you are a visual learner, it would be hard for you to stick to the program. Obviously, audio learners will be fond of it.

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