Podcasts Can Teach You English

Do you like to sing but don’t know the words in English? Are you afraid to speak because you aren’t sure about your English? If you answered yes to these questions, then you can benefit from an interesting and unique way to learn English – by learning to sing songs in English!

Many people like to listen to music but often can’t understand what the musicians are saying or really understand what the song is all about. You can learn to understand and speak English by listening to special podcasts that focus on learning songs so that you will easily be able to sing along when you hear that song the next time! Other exercises have you listen and repeat phrases that are used every day and will be invaluable. These types of exercises can work wonders at improving your English skills and can be fun as well.

Podcasts are offered in a variety of topics besides singing songs and can be informational as well as educational from the standpoint it will assist an ESL student with their English learning. Some podcasts offer jokes in a way that makes you understand the meaning of the joke – in other words you will know when to laugh at the punch line! Often trying to translate a joke gets lost because there is no meaningful way to make someone understand a joke in their native language.

Podcasts also are used for the latest news and information so you can listen on a daily basis to get data that might otherwise be difficult to understand if you heard it on the radio or the television as the broadcaster speaks so rapidly. These are specially aimed at ESL students who are learning English so they are at a slower pace and easier to understand.