Preply Review – My Personal Opinion About This Service (2022)

I am an avid Japanese enthusiast. Therefore, I am always exploring the possibilities to hone my Japanese language skills although I’ve just started from the basics. The lookout of new courses made me meet up with Preply.

The online platform was really helpful because it could connect me to the teachers that I want to work with. Preply does not only work for the languages, but also any subject that you can find on the site. There are some great features that can help you to learn the language or any other skills you want. Does it really work? Is it legit? Let’s see my objective review below.


Top perks that you can enjoy from Preply

Here are the perks that I’ve enjoyed from Preply and hopefully giving you an insight too.

Get the tutor for any subject you want

Perhaps it is what you cannot get from other online language courses. Each individual must have different requirements when it comes to learning the language. Preply gives you freedom to learn any subject. It is easy to pick the courses on this platform. Besides languages, you can also learn other subjects such as music, art, algebra, gaming, and so on.

The prices are mostly affordable

As mentioned before, the affordable rates can be the winning factors of this site. But in fact, the tudors come with various prices and details. Picking your tutor will depend on your budget and preferences. The good fact is that even the certified teachers won’t come with hefty hourly rates. There are thousands of profiles you can browse around before coming across the right teacher for you.

You can choose where to learn

After finding your teacher, you can then decide whether you will have online lessons or to learn the language by meeting up with your teacher. In my case, since my tutor is Japanese native, I preferred to have an online lesson with her. But it is also possible to focus your search in your area. It would be great if you can find a teacher who lives in the same town as yours, so that you can meet up.

Money-back guarantee

This platform does not stop in meeting up the teachers and learners. It also handles the administration things. It runs the escrow payment so that your fund will be safe in your account. If you are not satisfied with the teacher, you will get your money back.

Intuitive interface

The platform is simple and straightforward. It does not take a long time until you’re used with its features. In my case, I could find my Japanese teacher the same day I registered on the site.

How does this platform work?

The platform is simple and straightforward to comprehend. To find the right language tutor, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select the tutor – Use the platform filters such as the languages, hourly rate, tutor level, student level, and gender. Then you just need to click search to proceed.
  • Request – browse around the teachers profiles available in the site. After finding the right profile, you would want to send your teacher a request to take the lessons.
  • Scheduling – you just need to wait for the reply. Then if your teacher confirms, you need to schedule your first lesson.

That’s it!

The Founders

Preply is an online class platform founded in April 2014 by Dmytro Voloshyn, Serge Lukyanov, and Kirill Bigai.

Who is it for?

The moment I wrote this review, Preply claimed to have more than 50,000 tutors, 100,000 students, and more than 20,000 hours of classes generated on a monthly basis. So, we can see how active the users here are. Chances are finding your best teacher will be just simpler and straightforward.

You can easily find the available teachers in the language tab of the website. Since it has been up and running for over five years, the number of teachers in this site has been significantly increasing. It would be easy to find the teachers for specific languages you want to learn. In my case, I choose one out of 12 candidates in the language.

In my one month experience of using Preply, I can be confident to say that it can work for specific types of learners. If you are one of these, perhaps Preply would be a great choice for you.

Learners who want to hire professional tutors at more affordable rates: Most teachers are not living in the US. Therefore, $10 is surely higher than they can expect. Earning up to $10 has been considered as a good salary in countries like Russia, Asian countries, South America, and other parts of the USA. It is because their livelihood spending is not as big as people in the US. If you’re looking for professional tutors service with an affordable rate, then Preply could be your top choice.

Learners who are hectic: you might be preoccupied with your 9-5 work, household activities, or other cores. The busy schedule often prevents us from getting the formal education in our area. If you have such a problem, then Preply can be a great choice for you. You can set your own schedule and learn the foreign languages at your own pace.

Learners who don’t like the crowd: the thing about learning with peers in college, university, or other form of physical class is that you might get a lot of distractions from your friends. Although you are a team player, your focus will be at best when you learn from home or alone. Preply makes it possible for you.

Learners who want to learn with a suitable tutor: In the conventional education system, we don’t get to choose who to learn from. But in Preply, the platform allows you to pick the tutor who is suitable for you.

The pricing

The pricing can be various depending on how the teachers would set their hourly rate. The cheapest lessons that I found back then were only $1 per hour. I tried to believe it but it seemed too good to be true for me. You might want to test the service first before proceeding. I paid $8 per hour for Japanese lessons that I took on the site.


Preply is basically a great platform to help you meet your best teachers. But just like any other service, you must weigh its pros and cons before proceeding to use it. Don’t worry, though. You can always get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service.

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