Rosetta Stone Review (2022) – Worth it or not?

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language-learning programs. You do not need to doubt the ability of this program. Rosetta Stone is a useful learning program, especially for those of you who are new to one language and want to develop a strong grammar and vocabulary foundation. Rosetta Stone uses a well-structured, clear, and mobile learning system according to the user’s ability. Use Rosetta Stone to study regularly for several months, and you will be able to learn to read, write, speak, and understand base words and phrases.

This software is the best full-featured language learning method and one of the best-paid programs. Rosetta Stone can also help you build a strong learning foundation. When you feel you have the maximum in learning, you can start actively using the language instead of just struggling in the application. Having an active role means that you have to do it with action, for example, through conversations with friends or personal mentors. Although online learning programs provide complete features, for practice, you still need a real opponent.

What languages are there?

Rosetta Stone has programs for 23 languages, namely Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Latin American and European), Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, and Persian (Farsi). Excluding American English and English. Not all languages are available on all platforms. Initially, you can only choose one language per purchase. Now, if you subscribe for one year, two years, or more, you can get all the materials in the catalog. That is pleasant progress. If you are looking for other subjects than those available in the program, you might have to use another application.

Pricing and subscription packages


The price of the Rosetta Stone package depends on the length of time you want to subscribe. Starting with $ 79 for 3 months, $ 119 for 6 months, $ 179 for 12 months, and $ 249 for 24 months. You can choose based on your needs. The advantage of subscribing is that you can access all the languages in the catalog as long as your package is active. One-time payment for all access. If you are just starting to learn a language, dealing with Rosetta Stone will greatly assist you in understanding the basics of learning that you need later. You can also request to study online privately or in groups by paying additional fees.

How does this work?

Rosetta Stone is a learning program that is consistent, predictable, stable, and sharp. Rosetta Stone not only discusses in terms of language but also comes with other materials such as culture and other references. Some topic also has videos and other unique portrayals. Apart from the specific matter of a country and its culture, Rosetta Stone incorporates some exclusivity through images. That makes you not only able to learn the language, but also all of its cultures.


Rosetta Stone uses the Dynamic Immersion method that is a learning method without English translation, only in the form of visuals/images, so hopefully, the brain can get used to associating foreign words with visual images. The unique technology in this program is the use of Speech Recognition technology that helps users practice pronunciation in a foreign language. The method used by Rosetta Stone is suitable for learners who prefer the flashcard / visual system.

There are many sophisticated features in it, and you can wrap them on Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, or Grammar, according to your needs. The Rosetta Stone program also uses a combination of image, text, and sound techniques by continuously increasing the level of difficulty, offsetting the progress of the students’ development. This gradual increase in level aims to teach various vocabulary terms and grammatical functions intuitively, without practice or translation. This Dynamic Immersion method is useful for teaching languages like the first language we learn.

Rosetta Stone Teaching Style

This program has a learning system and features that are not only interesting but also very useful, namely:
1. Voice recognition / Dynamic Immersion:
This feature helps improve the ability to recite or speak by using the “dynamic speech recognition” feature so that users can compare their pronunciation with native pronunciation.
2. Listening
This program uses native people to teach users how to listen, which serves to accelerate the understanding of everyday language and develop the ability to understand easily and naturally.
3. Reading
The goal of learning to read is to develop the ability to read the language you are learning. Rosetta Stone not only teaches users to read using writing or books but also using everyday topics, actions, or events.
4. Typing
When typing in a learning program, the system will automatically check your writing carefully.
Besides, this program also provides features that help in teaching grammar and speaking.

What makes users uncomfortable?

1. Rosetta Stone software has a price that is still quite expensive.
2. You will spend a lot of space just to install one language because each language has several levels of learning.
3. There is no translator feature.
4. You must always be connected to the internet to be able to use the Rosetta Stone application.
5. To have full access, you must have a package subscription.


Rosetta Stone software uses a unique method of teaching with a combination of images, text, and sound by increasing the level of difficulty periodically to balance the development of its users. Thus, users will get learning about various vocabulary terms and grammatical functions intuitively, without practice or translation (Dynamic Immersion). This program also has a systematic and integrated learning method, so that it is effective for all people. Rosetta Stone is perfect for users who like to travel but are not proficient in foreign languages. This application also has superior features in the form of TruAccent technology. This feature allows users to hear words and sentences more clearly. You will also find a variety of interesting activities in the Rosetta program. Some of them are games that make and connect one word or sentence from another word. The game allows users to feel the excitement of learning through games.

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