Rype Review (2022) – Yes or No?

Language is one of the most important abilities we must master. The more languages ​​you speak, the bigger your chance to connect with people all over the world. Many reasons support you to study languages, namely for your professional career, when you travel to a foreign country, or because you are interested in the other language. Even with this reason, sometimes the problem is time. Do you have free time to learn languages? Or are you too busy with school or work so you don’t have time to learn?

Introducing Rype, an online language learning application based on daily lessons between students and professional teachers that you can choose on your own. You can even set the program and study time according to your schedule. Rype allows you to learn anytime and anywhere. You can study all day, every day of the week, and get the best teachers to teach you.

How does Rype work?


Rype is an online language course with personalized language trails, as well as 30-minute video or audio for private lessons. By subscribing to Rype, customers will get full access to choose more than one hundred qualified teachers from the seven available languages. The languages available on Rype are German, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Italian. Full subscription users can order teachers for any language, and there are no additional fees. Rype system is helpful for users who need solutions from expensive language courses, learning that is not interesting, or learning systems that are not practical. Rype application prioritizes practicality and comfort in learning. Learners have complete control over their requirements, such as arranging study schedules (when and for how long). Users can also do face-to-face learning online using their smartphones.

The teachers

Rype has a different number of teachers for each language, although the total number of varieties is quite small compared to the others. Rype uses several steps to recruit their teachers. This method is to ensure that users get the teacher with the best teaching skills. The selection begins with verifying the language skills and teaching of the teachers. Teachers are not only fluent in English, but must also be able to express themselves in lessons. Teachers must have a personality and professionalism that can make students enthusiastic in learning.



The next step is to evaluate the basics of the capability of each candidate. Points assessed are teaching abilities and, if any, reviews of previous experience on other language training websites. The candidate must have at least three years of experience as a language teacher. Then, candidates will meet directly with senior Rype trainers to conduct exercises, activities, and question and answer. Prospective teachers

will enter a 60-day trial, where they must demonstrate their excellence in teaching. Teachers must maintain a 5.0-star rating if they wish to continue to teach at Rype.

How to determine your learning schedule?

Booking a class on Rype takes only 15 seconds. The user selects the desired teacher from the new membership portal then can choose the date and time of learning. In the next step, the user must enter some base personal data such as first and last name, email address, Skype username, and teaching preferences (via video or radio). Another option, users can order the day they will study, and then the system will adjust the teacher based on the user’s schedule and language level. After you have finished setting your list, you can check it on the Reservation Page.

Attend class

Users who have already made further schedule arrangements will get notifications about their lessons via email. When the time comes, the teacher will usually contact their students via Skype to make sure they are ready to start the meeting. Teachers teach with a variety of learning, depending on the level of language skills of their students. At the end of the lesson, the teachers will give an overview of their class that day. This review discusses the material, errors, and correction of tasks. Furthermore, the teacher will also sometimes provide additional assignments and subject matter for students so that they can prepare for the next meeting.


The price of 8 meetings per month is $ 79.99 per month. If you subscribe, then you only need to pay $ 59.9 per month. If you choose 20 lessons per month, then each month you have to pay $ 159.99, or $ 179.99 per month if you subscribe for six months.


What is good about Rype?

1. The main advantage of Rype is that they choose each teacher from pre-qualification through a hard and competitive testing method. Rype ensures that students get optimal learning by providing teachers with proven abilities. Finally, users can feel a significant difference between learning from Rype and learning from other sites
2. The learning method uses 1-to-1 direct interaction. Students can more quickly absorb the lesson if the lesson is done with direct teaching and also get responses/feedback from the teacher directly.
3. Rype customers who have paid for full access no longer need to pay additional fees. Users can also set their schedules and teacher. This advantage is the most convenient because users can adjust their time to the learning schedule.

The disadvantage

1. Although Rype provides a very flexible and convenient learning program for people on a tight schedule, the subscription price is not the cheapest. If you use it for the long term, you might have to think of other alternatives that have a friendlier price.
2. Even though it’s popular, online learning is still new. For some people who are unfamiliar or unfamiliar with using video or voice-messaging applications, using Rype can be quite hard and tiring.


Rype is an online language learning application with an attractive and easy to understand user interface. There are many features and also a flexible schedule. Although the price of a subscription is quite pricey, for one-on-one learning, it is still appropriate. The relatively small number of teachers for a program with large-scale users often makes it difficult for users to manage schedules. If you intend to learn languages for a long time, maybe you might consider looking for other alternatives. Now there is a lot of private learning online, and you just have to find the right one.

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