Spanish Phrases To Get You By

Learning a few basic Spanish phrases can be a very helpful way of making yourself understood while travelling in a Spanish speaking country or speaking with native Spanish speakers.

If people can see that you are making an effort to learn their language and communicate with them, then they are much more likely to be patient and give you the help that you need. It also shows that you respect their culture and are keen to broaden your understanding.

The problem that many students have when learning Spanish is that there is so much to think about, and so many decisions that need to be made, for each sentence.

This is where learning Spanish phrases can help. Without knowing basic phrases, you have to determine the correct tense, the correct conjugation and then make sure that you know the required vocabulary for what you want to say. This can take a lot of time and disrupt the flow of the conversation. Phrases allow you to communicate with confidence.

Learning some common phrases in Spanish can eliminate a lot of the stress and confusion from social situations. It also allows you to use some more advanced language tools that are necessary in daily life, but that you may not have covered yet in your Spanish language study.

Spanish phrases about learning Spanish

Learning some standard phrases can also help you to advance with your Spanish learning. If you are able to communicate to someone that you don’t understand, but you are trying to learn and improve your Spanish, then they will be much more likely to help you. This can be a great method of developing your Spanish comprehension and vocabulary in a natural and practical setting.

The following phrases can help you to significantly improve your Spanish while you are travelling:

  • No hablo mucho español – I don’t speak a lot of Spanish

  • Estoy aprendiendo español – I’m learning Spanish

  • No entiendo – I don’t understand

  • Habla Ingles? – Do you speak English?
  • Puede hablar más despacio, por favor? – Can you speak slower please

  • Puede repetirlo, por favor? – Can you repeat it please?

  • Puede escribirlo, por favor? – Can you write it down please?

  • Cómo se dice [insert word you want to learn] en español? – How do you say [word] in Spanish?

  • Qué es esto? – What is this?

Spanish Phrases relating to Manners

There are also some phrases that you should make an effort to learn so that you can be polite while travelling in a Spanish speaking country. Manners are very important in Spain and Latin America (and most other countries of the world!) and the way you use them may make a big difference to the way that you are treated.

Here are some common phrases that will help you to be more polite in Spanish:

  • Por favor – Please

  • Gracias – Thank you

  • Muchas Gracias – Thank you very much

  • De nada – You’re welcome

  • Perdon – Excuse me

  • Disculpa – I’m sorry (for something not very serious)

  • Lo siento – I’m sorry (for something more serious)

If Spanish phrases inspire you to learn this rich language you can try a free introductory course here.